Monday, March 31, 2008

Amazing what you find!

Okay, sitting in my car, waiting for kids, finding CDs of pictures in the deep recesses of catch-alls in my car. These are from Christmas time when we wre in San Diego. I took these with my Dad's camera because mine was STOLEN on the way down there...we won't go in to that whole event again.

They have a light festival at The Wild Animal Park; this is a rare albino glowing Zebra with the kids standing in front of it. And since we went at night to see the lights, the LION was out. he is very big and was nose to nose with the kids. (Thank goodness for VERY thick glass.)Dal is on the left, Mac is on the right with Tacey in the middle. When it is cold, you need hot chocolate. I know the words San Diego and Cold don't usually go together, but it was in the 30's. VERY COLD in the desert! (hot pretzels are good then too!)

JoAnne tried to teach us how to Hula hoop, but McCade was the champion..

And they have a LIFE SIZE statue of the Rhino that was the most prolific father. The kids can stick their heads in his ears...

That is the end of our fun and cold night at the Wild Animal Park. We went back during the day, I will have to try to get those pictures off Tacey's camera.
We went to the Zoo as well! We like the Polar Bear sculpture at Polar Bear Plunge.
We also like the Hippo sculpture at Hippo Beach!

I FINALLY got to see the Tiger at Tiger River. Every time we have been there he wasn't interested in being seen. Isn't he cool?

And we ALWAYS have to get our pictures taken with the Dragon (the Kimodo one!)

We always have such great adventures!

I will keep trying to post the Music Man video...


Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Spring!

Well, it has been awhile! I promise I have tried to post, but I wanted to post video with it. For some reason google has not been cooperating with the upload. BUT here is what we are/have been up to!
1. The first of March (Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma!) we took Tacey to the hospital because she had been sick and was passing out. She was only there a couple of hours, but the bill from the Emergency Room will live with us for several months. By tuesday we had all fallen victim to the lethal combination of flu/strep. Good thing Shane was already sick, because the cost of medication to get us all well would have made him that way! I wanted to post pictures of Tacey in the hospital with the IV in her arm, but they are on Shane's phone and I haven't been able to get it away from his ear long enough to sinc it with my computer! I didn't think to take my camera to the ER. Go figure!?!
2. Tacey and McCade opened in The Music Man on the 14th of March. They are the stars of the show! (At least in this house.) Uncle Danny and Aunt Jennie surprised us by attending opening night! That was nice.

3. Shane is busy, VERY BUSY. He has had a hard time getting better. But as always, he is patient with the rest of us CRAZIES in his house!

4. I am in rehearsal for Pippin @ ISU that goes into production in the middle of April, and then also for a show written by a friend of mine. She got a grant to write a show about the women who settled South Bannock County here in Idaho. There are 8 of us portraying 8 different women who were pivotal in shaping the area. This show performs in early May. I am very excited about it. I also submitted the first chapter of my Thesis to the ATHE conference in Denver this summer. (Association of Theatre in Higher Education). It took alot of work and I am VERY GRATEFUL for the LOADS of help from JoAnne, especially since it was last minute. My chances of being accepted are small, but I figure no submission; no chance!
5. We are all on spring break together, that means I should get little done!

Have a happy spring!

My bulbs are starting to flower, so I know it can't be cold forever!

(These are MY crocus growing in MY flowerbeds!)

(I will keep working the Music Man video; see if I can get it to post....)