Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lots to post. . .

I feel like I have been running, and running and running. Actually, I have. Really! I got distracted one day while I was on the treadmill at the gym; the treadmills have these cool little TVs in them and you can watch cable TV or see/hear anything on your iPod. I was watching 'Fun With Dick and Jane' starring Jim Carrey & Tea Leoni. Just over an hour later I realized I had walked/run so far, so fast I had actually managed to give myself BLISTERS on my feet. Good going Danielle. . .
April 3rd was the music concert for the 5th graders I teach at the local Elementary School. Their program was 'The Sounds of the 60's'. We did a bunch of fun songs and I surprised them with a LIVE band there to play for them. They thought they we going to have CD accompaniment, but nope! Real musicians. It was a TON of fun! I don't have any pictures because I was too busy waving my arms and running around like a crazy woman, and Shane was out of town.
Let's see, what else . . . for those of you that follow this blog, April 4th was the 1yr anniversary of my infamous 'last leap'. Yep, that leap that snapped the 'ol achilies tendon. That was also the day Grandpa Warner died. I spent April 4th this year at home, very quietly. I didn't want a repeat; I wonder if that particular day is cursed for me now. It may or may not, but after last year, I was NOT about to take any chances! It did leave me some time for some introspection. I hate the lack of control I feel like I have over my body. It is weird, I am in both the best and worst shape of my life at the same time. *sigh*. I have been so frustrated with just learning stupid things like learning to walk, and jog, and the thought of dancing again fills me with such fear my eyes fill up with tears. I don't feel the same need to perform in public. Although, the few times I have, I thought "Wow, I guess I am good at this - I had forgotten!". I am just basically frustrated with my WHOLE body in general. Funny how a little thing like an achilies tendon can change your whole perspective and rid you of all confience.
Anyhoo. . . on to better things. We have been doing alot recently. (Big surprise, huh?)
We love our doggie, Koda. He is SO funny. He likes to sleep UNDER a blanket, not on it. This is not an uncommon sight in our house.Sometimes I wonder if his backside is a heat regulator. And a snoring blanket is ALWAYS funny.
April 10th was a BIG day. First, we had surprise visitors from California arrive the night before. Shane & I knew they were coming, Tacey did too since she had to let them borrow her room. I had Laura thinking I was going to go to her graduation the morning of the 10th, but INSTEAD of seeing me as she came running in, she got to see her MOMMY AND DADDY!!!! I didn't get to go, but I tons of other things to do that day. But that explains my lack of pictures. However, any of you who know my sister Laura know that she had an AWESOME reaction complete with tears and everything. It made me happy to know it was happening, even though I couldn't be there. It was a good surprise, and personally, I think I should get the Sister-of-the-year award for it! Oh, and I am DEFINITELY not going to heaven now. Why you ask? Because you have to be without sin, right? Well, I just told a BUNCH of lies, and I can't repent for them because I DON'T FEEL BAD AT ALL! Then that night I had the rest of the music concerts. Yep, same night, back to back. First was the third graders. Their concert was titled 'The Silliness of Me!'. We did all sorts of funny, silly songs, and ended with a couple of my favorite songs from musicals; 'Green Eggs & Ham' from Seussical, and 'Happiness' from You're A Good Man Charlie Brown.
I am really glad I had things to think about during the concerts OTHER than the fact so many people were looking at my backside. McCade is right there by my left hand.
Those are not bad shields; they are plates with pictures of Green Eggs & Ham on them. That was my way of keeping them on their hands while they danced.
Aren't they just cute?The fourth grade sang songs about America. I had kept a small group of the kids after school for a few weeks, and they formed an 'Honor Choir'. I taught them harmonies, descants and alternate parts to their songs. HA! I rock! 4th graders singing in HARMONY! Did I mention I bought the entire 4th grade Kazoos? Yep, a bit of insanity that had an amazing payoff! I was disturbed at how many kids didn't know what a kazoo was, not to mention the fact they had no idea how to play it!

I loved my little Honor Choir!

Grandma and Grandpa in town made for even better Easter fun. It is nice now that the kids are getting older; we concentrate more on the real reason for Easter. But we do enjoy our Cadbury Eggs!Dallin finding an egg.McCade not able to find anything - even the marshmallow bunnies right by his hand!The troops showing their 'stuff'. Happily they were just as excited that they had new clothes to wear to church.

The following Wednesday was a VERY BIG DAY! Once again, the Pinewood Derby! There is not another day in the calendar year more stressful for Shane. Oh, he didn't sleep for two days working his hiney off to come back home to be here for the races. It's a good thing too! I don't know graphite from glue, and wouldn't know how to put wheels on car. Shane was elected to run the track. It is a VERY serious business, this Pinewood Derby.This is the board with the heats and results.In case you couldn't see in the other picture; these are the final standings.

WHOO HOO! Two boys, Two cars, First and Second places, ONE VERY HAPPY DAD!Dallin and the winning car!McCade and the car that gave Dallin's a run for the money!All our Cub Scouts and their cars. It was a fun night!

That Friday Tacey opened in another production of 'The Music Man'. She is again playing Amaryllis. Pictures to come later. . .

Then on Saturday we went to see 'Monsters vs. Aliens.' The 3D was REALLY good, but we had seen this level of 3D before. However, Tacey was upset over a sign as you walked into the theatre.I think the movie was the longest she had gone without texting in a long time. I swear, that girl even texts in her sleep.

Then this week we had another VERY big night in the Matheson house; Dance Recital. I know there are requirements in every household. Around here most people require all their children to play the piano. In our house, it is dance. And on a nice Thursday night we had Dance Recital. The boys are the best male dancers their age, and actually in a class by themselves. I mean that both literally and figuratively.

On stage and ready to go!
Tacey after the recital. She had 5 classes so I don't even try to take pictures anymore. I'll scan in the ones I paid for later. . .This is Tacey and her Ballroom partner; Jace. I think he is totally cool! He was fun, had rhythm and was a good dancer! They plan on dancing together again next year. Lots of dance classes means lots of costume changes and lots of stuff to carry.
Cute girls in some of her classes; Kaydee, Abbi and Skye.
Friday brought the school talent show. This was the second year she was chosen to participate. She sang the Eva Cassidy version of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'. It is a VERY hard song; I don't think anyone understood how very hard it was. She did really well; we are very proud of her. They let the kids vote and won't be posting 'Winners' until Monday. We aren't holding our breath; with the kids voting it is sure to be more of a popularity contest than anything else. We are content to know she did VERY well.
I think that is it! Music Man and dance class pictures to come; baseball practice started today!
We will still be running!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's - we're a TRICKY bunch!

Okay, so McCade wanted to use his brother's walking cast/boot for April Fool's. I wasn't really comfortable with that - afraid he would ACTUALLY hurt himself while wearing it. He then said, 'Man! I wish I could have a black eye or something!' Well . . . THAT I can do! So this morning I pulled out my stage make up and spent maybe 2 minutes giving him a removable black eye. Tacey saw what was up and said 'I want a black eye too!'. Another black eye was soon available. I worked at McCade's school today, and got to witness some of the reaction to his 'injury'. His teacher saw him walking down that hall, and was VERY concerned about his eye. She truly bought it. The school counselor started to drill me about what happened until we started laughing. After all his friends believed his black eye, his teacher sent him and his friend to the office to see the Principal for 'fighting'. Those boys sat there all somber, and the principal got ready to 'get to the bottom' of the story when the other boy started to giggle. Soon McCade yelled 'April Fools!'. His teacher was disappointed they broke so quickly - third graders - go figure! His teacher spent the day tricking all the other teachers with McCade. So, this made for a VERY good day for McCade.
Tacey also had great success with her black eye. All of her friends and teachers believed it. She had SO many people telling her their black eye stories - it was also very good fun. She had her friends going and told them she truly had no idea how she got her black eye - she said she must have 'blacked out'. Everyone bought it. So she also had a good day!
So, in more ways than I can count, and more ways than I EVER anticipated; my theatre training has has a VERY positive effect on my life and the lives of those around me!!!!!
I tried to take pictures of my artwork, but they didn't turn out. You will jst have to take our word for it - and that IS NOT part of the April Fool.