Monday, February 25, 2008

The End of Basketball

Well, we had the final Basketball games for the season Saturday. Dallin's game was at 9:00, and they finished out their perfect season; they lost every game. On the upside Dallin ALMOST made a basket. I guess there was some wierd thing happening with the physics, because it should have gone in. Here are pictures of him and his team. On the first video you can see his mind is going, but it just hasn't quite caught up with his body yet. McCade had his game at 12:00. He made 2 baskets. The second video is of him doing his best at defense. (It is okay to laugh, it is funny.) He didn't let anyone he was defending get a basket the entire day! The final video is Tacey after stealing the ball doing a fast break layup; her specialty. She did two of these back to back which accounted for two of her 3 baskets. In the end they also lost, but even more inportantly, her team won the sportsmanship award for the league. It was based not only on their attitudes, but also the attitudes of the parents and coaches, so go us! Here are pictures of Tacey and her team as well.

As for REALLY funny stories, McCade got Sea Monkies for his birthday, and when we put them in the water, and some of them hatched (As they do), he said with astonishment "I'm a FATHER!". Yep, you can laugh at that too. We still are...

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

He's Eight!

Well, as you know, today McCade turned eight! We had a big day that included the 'Blue and Gold' banquet for scouts. Part of these festivities include each cub scout decorating a cake. (Yes, that means I made 2 cakes). There is always a theme, this year was Chinese New Year. I ask you; How do you make a cake for Chinese New Year? Well, we made 2! McCade's was a string of red firecrackers atop a chocolate cake. the firecrackers were twinkies, and the candles in them sparkled. Dallin's was a blue Chinese dragon, like the kind they dance under, not the ones that hide in the wilderness. It had a blue candle in it's mouth that burned blue fire. Here are the pictures....
McCade got his Bobcat; he was pretty proud. He was looking over his brother's shirt figuring out what he had to do to catch up! Dallin got his Bear, his Whitting Chip and his computer belt loop. He is a highly decorated Cub Scout. These pictures of him freezing in the snow is his decorations at the end of his Wolf time. You see mostly everything except the 14 Belt loops around his waist and the activity pins that have no where to go on his shirt. Actually, he has no more room on his shirt. They joke that he is going to have to put stuff on his back soon.

We put McCade's birthday candle on his cake and everyone sang happy birthday to him. I am so glad someone else decided to throw him his birthday party this year! He got a terrarium that grows carnivorous plants, a game, some legos and Sea Monkeys. He thinks it is all pretty cool. The video is McCade blowing out his candles.

These are pictures of the boys with the awards they received tonight. All-in-all an exhausting day!



Okay, here is a bunch of video from rehearsals for Music Man. I had to do it in several posts because they web site didn't like all the megabites. So there are several of them.


Video.. Video.. Video


Again, Video! McCade on the left, Tacey on the right in the peach hoodie.


Here is more video of Music Man rehearsals. No explanation is needed.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mid-Week Update!

These are McCade's Basketball Pictures. Isn't his team cute? They are a motely-looking bunch!
Saturday was a good day for Matheson Basketball. We went to Dallin's game as scheduled at 9:00 am, but he had been rescheduled to 11:00 and would be playing on the main court that uses the timer, buzzer and everything! The main problem with this was that McCade's game was also at 11:00. Well, I went with Dallin; Shane and Tacey went with McCade. Dallin not only made 1/5 of his team's points, but he also made the first score of the entire game! He got the rebound and shot the ball and made it! I don't think anyone was as shocked as he was. I am sure the other team thought we were crazy for being overjoyed at a 16-10 loss, but that was the most points they EVER made, and by far the smallest margin they lost by. We were all so proud of them! I know little about McCade's game except that they lost and he made 1 basket. Then we had Tacey's game. Shane says I yell too much. I know all of Tacey's statistics because she had me write them down for a newspaper article she had to write for English.
1st Quarter; 1 basket, 1 force jump, 1 steal and 1 foul; reaching
2nd Quarter; 1 rebound, 2 fouls; blocking and traveling (She jumped and didn't shoot or pass the ball. Good lesson to learn!)
3rd Quarter; 1 basket and 1 steal
4th Quarter; 1 Basket, 1 Free Throw, 1 Rebound and 1 steal
In the end they lost 20-17.
SO! the teams may have lost, but overall it was a great day in basketball for the Matheson Clan.
The snow keeps coming, but we have had a break for the last 2 days. That big snow hill in the front yard has come in handy for the kids, as you can see!

The dog likes the warmer weather, because he can stay out longer, but he also hates it because he gets all muddy so everytrip outside results in a shower when he comes back inside. He doesn't believe that water is his friend, but I know mud isn't mine!

Shane is busy as always, but is managing to stay home more. (Which is GREAT!)

I just finished the project part of my Master's Thesis. It went REALLY well! (I love it when people prove me brilliant!) Now I have to get busy on the whole writing part of it. I also found out today that I have offically been accepted into the National Scholar Honor Society. Cool, huh? I also had the abstract for my Thesis accepted at a Graduate Conference, so I will be presenting my Thesis in April before and audience before I have to defend it. That will be good. And I got a thankyou note from Locks of Love for the donation of my hair. I am also experiencing pain from an AMAZING briuse I got from reheasal last night. I get lifted, and these guys who are doing the lifting have never lifted before. My left arm looks like I am an abused woman. I LOVE having the first injury of the show; makes me feel like I am sacrificing for my art. (ha!) All-in-all a good day for me so far!

I will try to record McCade at rehearsal soon, they put him front and center in the dance numbers; he is SO going to steal the show!

Love and good wishes to you all!


Thursday, February 7, 2008


Okay, there really are no words. Therefore, I am just going to post pictures. They should speak for themselves. This is a power pole in a snow drift.

Please notice how high the snow is in comparison to the extra-big snow plow.

This is from the Tahoe (that is set high off the ground) as we drove by the snow plow.

Tacey next to the snow drift. She is actually standing in the bottom of it.

This is Shane and the Koda in front of the house. The kids spent 3 hours sledding on this hill today. (School was out again.)

This is me and Koda in front of the house next to the infamous snow pile.

This would be the backyard.

I guess I did find some words.

Happy Snow Day!


Monday, February 4, 2008

Snow! Snow! and more Snow!

Well, as I said we had a snow day on friday. BUT we should have had another one today because I needed 4 wheel drive just to get out of the driveway! (I would like to point out in this picture that the snow is up to Dallin's knees, not to mention the pile that is up to Tacey's chest behind them.) When Shane left this morning he was pushing snow with the front bumper of his truck!

I would also like to add that the City of Shelley seems to think that our front yard is an appropriate place to store snow. I would complain if it wasn't so much fun for the kids to have a built in fort / sleding hill. It is going to be an awful mess come spring, which won't be anytime soon according to Puxatawney Phil. Maybe I will complain then. The City of Shelley also plowed in one of my students car in this morning during their lesson. (They were parked on the street; afraid of my driveway) I had to bump them out with my Tahoe in 4 wheel drive. I had to be careful. Didn't want the airbags going off. BUT it was the only way to get a toyota out of 24 inches of snow. Heaven knows I wasn't going to freeze my butt off pushing it!

You know, these pictures just don't do justice to the amount of snow. I hope you can get an idea of how truly deep it is. There is 24 inches against the garage doors.

Have fun!


Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Saturday basketball

No pictures to post today. Just a few game highlights. Dallin has a great time; he really thinks he is working hard. Unfortunately his team has yet to win one (or even come close). HOWEVER, they are getting better at the fundamentals, now they just need accuracy and agressiveness. Tacey and McCade's games were at the same time, so Shane and I split to cover both. Shane says McCade played well and made 2 baskets. Those were the only 2 for the entire Matheson clan today. Tacey's team lost for the first time, but it was a hard- fought game. They were within one point (either ahead or behind) the entire game. On the up side Tacey had no less than 8 ball steals. I lost count after awhile; maybe I should take a note pad. We have a lot of snow, and maybe the cancelled school yesterday has something to do with it.

Actually I will post a picture. This is Tacey and her only girl cousin Emmalee. Emmalee is her biggest fan!

Love to all,