Friday, March 27, 2009

The real end of Basketball and other frozen treats

Okay, so we have been on Spring Break all week, and for 'not having anything to do' my 'list of things to accomplish' has not seemed much shorter. HOWEVER, I did get a lot of stuff accomplished - I think. Shane has been gone a lot, and the weather has been HORRIBLE - to say the least. I really don't think you should call it 'Spring Break' when it is 19 degrees and there is snow everywhere. That kind of Spring Break makes Moms crazy as the kids are trapped inside. At least at Christmas they have new stuff mess with!
I finished writing the Elementary School play; that was a project. I also planned all other aspects of the show - costumes, set, lights, music, choreography, so I can just show up and do my thing with the new, short actors.
Tacey kept up her busy evening schedule, but it will be lighter as she had her last Basketball game last night. This Tacey making faces at, and generally annoying our neighbor Matt. They play intimidation ball in the driveway ALL THE TIME, so this is nothing new. We were happily disappointed that Tacey did not almost kill Matt like she did last time she played him. He went to stuff her during a layup and she ducked and turned, forcing him into an airborne position parallel to the ground. At least he has a hard head. I think he is fully recovered - even his pride. I can't say her team was amazing scorers, but if they gave points for fun, determination, and hitting the rim - they would have totally kick everyone's butts. Now she is just down to her 5 dance classes and the school musical. But be aware - Softball starts soon!
We also got to play with Hayley a lot this week. I forgot to take pictures - we were having too much fun playing. We painted her toe nails. She tried to wipe it off with a rag. She also has an appetite for cell phones.
Dallin & McCade have just been hanging. Actually, the next thing on my list is to have them plan their Pinewood Derby cars. I am excited because I think this is the first year I have not had a rehearsal I COULD NOT get out of. SOOOOOOO...... I will get to go! Now, Shane does not look forward to this as I am - since he gets to build two cars. (Unfortunately, someone always has to lose.)
We had Blue & Gold Banquet last month. It was, and always is, interesting to try and make two different cakes. Not to mention the cake consumption that must go on for the following week. This year the theme was 'ABC's of America'. Dallin decided to make the famous 'Don't Tread On Me' flag. I think it was because I had mentioned I saw a 3 foot long Gummi snake at the Army Surplus store. (I was there getting hand and foot warmers for the movie thing). So, really he did this whole cake himself. He helped significantly with the baking and did all the decorating himself. McCade and I talked about it and we made cupcakes. (I don't want to eat anything a bunch of cub scouts have been cutting themselves and using their hands to scoop up - YUK!). Then I used white chocolate chips for the stars (I might as well throw out the left-overs. We NEVER eat white chocolate). and fruit roll up for the stripes. We did this because I am too lazy and too uptight to have stripes that aren't straight.
And of course, we didn't forget McCade's birthday - the big 0-9! This is the last year any of my kids will have only one candle on their cake. *sigh*.

And finally, a picture of the boy's Basketball team. Gotta love 3rd & 4Th graders!
No, they don't play at a jail; just the equivalent - a Junior High School.
Happy Spring?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Is there anything to update?

I dunno, we have just been running around like we always do. Shane has been gone due to his current change in occupational status, I finished one of my FAVORITE shows to do in Pocatello on Friday. I also auditioned and cast a play for 3rd, 4th & 5th graders at the Elementary School. Now I just have to write it. Thank goodness for Spring Break. Dallin and McCade are done with Basketball, but up to their ears in Scouts and looking forward to baseball. They also have dance recital soon. Tacey has one basketball game left, dance recital coming up soon (she has 5 classes) as well as the District Musical. She also wants to run track, and will be playing her last year of city softball this year.

On friday I got the opportunity to play Catherine Scott Murphy Harkness again. This is her picture.

Isn't her dress AWESOME?!?! This part was given to me by my good friend and Mentor, Jamie Romine. She received a grant from the Idaho Humanities Council to write a show about the women who were influential and consequential in the settlement of this area. Catherine was an Irish immigrant who married an abusive alcoholic. He brought her west from New York when he received tariffs the build and operate toll roads in Southeast Idaho. He finally beat her so badly one night that he was arrested and taken to trial. While on trial he was waving his gun, hit his attorney on the head with a book and ran from the courtroom. He was told to stop, but didn't and was shot and killed by the Sheriff. Catherine then ran the tolls with the help of a man who her abusive husband had hired to run one of the tolls. This is an amazing feat for any woman, but especially an irish immigrant woman in the late 1800's. She then married the manager and built a ranch, sawmill and boarding house. She was an amazing woman, and I am honored to play her EVERYTIME! I hope to meet her in heaven someday. . . and I hope I do her justice.

I am putting together a script of Anansi tales for the Elementary School kids, but I am at a loss for musical numbers. I am hoping my creative block will soon lift. McCade will be in this show. This is not nepotism - he honestly had an amazing audition. At least I have all of Spring Break to work on it - along with the taxes, and cub scouts with the boys. I guess I won't get much rest. Especially since I am going to make the kids clean their rooms; which are atrocious! I had been enjoying evening walks with the doggie and one of the kids (they unintentionally rotated so I got quality time with each of them), but today it decided to go from a tolerable 60 degrees to SNOWING!!! Ugh - so sick of snow. I dread next winter. I never want to drive in snow - NEVER, EVER again.

I bought my cap, gown, tassle and hood to walk the line the other day. It is a little surreal to finally walk the line the begining of May as I graduated in August and received my diploma in October (via mail). However, ISU only has commencement once a year, so I had to wait until this May to walk the line and get the snazzy diploma holder. I sometimes wonder why I am going through all the hoopla, it seems like unecessary stress and a waste of time. But at the same time, I did work very hard and I am proud of my accomplishments. My Dad is coming out to watch, and I suppose it will be good for the kids to see what I expect from them in the future.

On another random note - the doggie had himself another all night party. He is IMPOSSIBLE to catch when he gets out at night as he is the color of dark. He broke his collar and was gone for 11 hours. I think it is funny he knocks on the door when he decides to come home. He was so tired. I kept him up for another hour just to make him suffer for the all worrying I did and all the tears and fears I had to calm in the kids - not to mention the time chasing him in the dark. Ugh. He didn't like it, but oh well.

I am currently trying to decide if my schedule allows for me to direct a production of 'A Midsummers Night Dream' in Pocatello. If time allows, I think I am going to do a weird concept and pull it out of Shakesperean time and put it in gangster-Chicago. I dunno - it is still just an idea - it hasn't quite solidified yet.

On a somber side note, one of my former students had a baby this week who has some severe problems. If you have an opportunity, please visit and learn about Alli and little Grant. I would appreciate it if you would keep their family in your prayers.

Now I have saved you all a rambling phone call from me - instead you got a rambling blog!

Love to you all!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quotes for the week. . .


Round One

Dallin: I am going to be rich when I grow up.
McCade: No you're not, I'M going to be rich when I grow up!
Dallin: Well, I am smart, and smart people get all the good jobs and make all the money. I am going to be rich when I grow up.
McCade: I am going to be rich because I am SOOOO Good Looking!

Round Two
(Upon receiveing their paychecks for their recent extra work in the movie 'Snowmen'.)

Dallin: Hey! I thought I made $92.00! Why is my check only for $80.87?
McCade: Well, now I am going to do what all working men do: scratch my butt, then sit on it and play video games.

Yep. Put a STOP to that opinion VERY quickly.