Friday, July 23, 2010

Surf Camp

So this year, Dallin was going to Boy Scout Camp with Shane, the EXACT same week Tacey was going to Girl's Camp in California. So it was decided that I would drive Tacey to California (with McCade and Koda), while Shane and Dallin stayed and went to Boy Scout Camp. Well, my Mom felt bad that poor McCade had no camp to go to that week, and suggested a Day Camp. We looked at several, but easily decided the COOLEST one would be. . .
Seriously, learning to surf is a very cool thing to do! And I was excited that he FINALLY had something that he could do, that NONE of his siblings had done before him. Sometimes being the youngest means you have to live in very uncomfortable shadows. Now McCade has something all his own; SURFING. He went happily all week, spending his days at the beach learning some MAD skills. I followed him the last day to get evidence of his newly developed talents!
They always had a snack break after the bus ride there; bus rides can make you exceptionally hungry, you know? McCade ate, applied his sunscreen (he was VERY diligent about this; he went through three bottles in a week) and then looked longingly at the shore as he waited to go down to the beach.

When it was time to go, he was first in line.

After a swim test, they had a sand castle building contest to see which group of campers went first. He must also have mad castle-building skills, because his group went first. *I take full credit for his sand castle building abilities.*

He also played a bit of beach soccer.

Time to take to the water with a board; he even remembered to put his leash on his ankle.

Yeah, big board. I think MUST have been an eight foot board. Look at how short he is next to it!

It was big enough he had a hard time getting his arm around it.

In the end he dragged it; you can see the marks from the fins on the sand.

Negotiating the waves. . . .

Paddling. . . .

Should I point out that he is in water about 12 inches deep? Probably not. He just looks too darn excited at the fact he is actually standing up!
Paddling again. . . .

Standing up on the board. . . that is a tough skill to conquer! (Ummmm, see how close he is to shore? heehee) At least I will never worry about him drowning while surfing. . .
Going for the stand up. . . he couldn't look like he was having more fun!

Closer look at the pure joy the beach brings!

Uh-Oh! starting to tip!

Hanging on! As you can see from the kid next to him, he doesn't have far to fall!
In the end, it was an amazingly fun week. He loved every minute of it! I am glad he did!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rise Up and Sing 2010

Last year I was hired to work at a Vocal Music Camp here in Southern Idaho for a week in the month of July. It turned out to be a wonderful experience; both for me as well as Tacey. She came along and participated in the camp. This year, as I knew better how the camp runs, and what they had to offer I took McCade as well. Again, we had an amazing time.We left Shelley on Sunday evening; also bringing along our friend Alexis. We were up and checking in at an early hour; by the end of the day when we arrived back at the Hotel, I had tired kids that were actually VERY excited to do their Music Theory homework. Alas, I fear the homework excitement won't last; especially into the school year.

McCade didn't actually have homework, but he was exhausted nonetheless. He was concerned at the beginning of the day that he would not make any friends. I was confident that he would make friends quickly, and since his classes were tailored to boys it was only a matter of minutes before he would have friends.

Tacey took composition as her Music Theory class this year. I think she found it enjoyable if stressful.

There are 6 class periods offered each day; depending upon the age of the child they are eligible for 4, 5 or 6 hour blocks. These classes must include Master Class, Music Theory and Musical Theatre, with Choir, Acting, Choreography and Opera among the electives. Camp begins at 8:45 with vocal warm ups, then classes start at 9:00 and go until noon. Then there is 45 minutes for lunch, and then a sing-in. Each day there is a recital after lunch. Monday it is the faculty, Tuesday it is a guest artist, Wednesday it is a Comedy recital (We were the biggest hit of the comedy recital this year), and then Thursday is a student non-master class related recital. After that we return for another 3 hours of classes. This year I taught Intermediate Music Theory, Beginning Girl's Musical Theatre, Boy's Musical Theatre, Beginning Acting, Choreography and Advanced Girl's Musical Theatre.

Thursday Night we had the Master Class recital, and BOTH Tacey and McCade did amazing jobs.

McCade sang a song from the Musical Working by Stephen Schwartz; Neat to be a Newsboy. He was VERY nervous, and despite a small 'forgetting' incident at the beginning was the hit of the recital.

He did have amazing stage presence.

And had the added bonus of being allowed to throw newspapers off the stage over the accompanist's head. Definitely a bonus for a 10 year-old boy.
Selling newspapers! (Not to mention the song!)

Before the throw. . . after the throw.

Tacey sang one of my FAVORITE songs; Children of the Wind from the Musical RAGS also by Stephen Schwartz. I guess I was in a Stephen Schwartz mood this year!

Okay, I will say she LOVES this picture; and yes, it is impressively dramatic. The 'Mom' in me likes all the pictures. The VOICE teacher in me sees something else in this picture; we will leave those thoughts out of this blog. haha!

Friday morning is spent in Dress Rehearsal for the final concert of Friday afternoon. This year Tacey was asked to play the lead in the Opera; The Merry Widow. BOTH the 'Mom' and the 'Voice Teacher' believe she did an amazing job.

Opera Divas get to wear great dresses and TIARAS!

There were performances by both the boys and girls choirs. McCade LOVED Choir.

The concert ended with the Musical Theatre pieces. This year I chose to do stuff from The Lion King. This is The Circle of Life. McCade is there on the left with the giraffe visor on his head.

This is Tacey in Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

McCade and a cutie little girl named Kate in I Just Can't Wait to be King.

More I Just Can't Wait to be King. Aren't they just the cutest partners?
And the finale version of The Circle of Life.

Don't you just love the visor?

This is McCade's best buddy from camp; Todd. He is about a year older than McCade.

Two peas in a pod.

We had 6 different visor designs; aren't they cute? Okay, they are a bit dorky; well, a lot dorky. HOWEVER, if the purpose of the class was to try to re-create the Broadway show to a certain extent, then these did the trick. In order to SEE the animals, they had to use and hold their heads just like they did on Broadway with those amazing headdresses!

We loved Rise Up and Sing 2010, and look forward to NEXT year!