Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day Camp

Isn't he cute?
Mac is going to day camp for cub scouts. His wolf leaders were taking the boys in his den for 3 hours of fun in the park with a tons of other equally energetic cub scouts. Even though I could have sent his brother, who is a bear, along I decided to give Mac a day to be an individual as opposed to half of a pair. He was however, a little concerned. He commented that he and Dallin always helped each other when they went to new places; he wouldn't have that if Dallin stayed home. Of course he was fine when he got there and saw all of his friends.
Have a happy day!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hours at the Park.......

Tacey had her first Softball game tonight. She has been up to her ears in the sport; attending a clinic yesterday, today and tomorrow, assistant coaching a Junior Softball team, (she plays Senior Softball), and assistant coaching Tee-Ball. She was happy her team got pink shirts; her favorite color. These shirts come as part of the package when we pay the sign up fee. But her sponsor and coach asked us to chip in some more money so they could get everyone matching black baseball pants, black visors, hot pink socks complete with Snoopy playing baseball, and ribbons to tie their shirts. (The girls roll up the sleeves and then tie ribbons around them through the neck of the shirt to make it look more like a tank top. Shane thinks it looks really silly; I told him to get used to it because it was a girl thing.) Her coach said their first goal was to intimidate the other teams by how good they look. This is Tacey dressed in the final result. Her team lost, but she had a good night. She played first base the first innning. Then she got to pitch the second inning; which really made her happy. She wanted to pitch last year, but the coach of that team wouldn't let her. She threw as many strikes as she did balls, and caught a pop fly to get one of the girls out. She also controlled the ball well and got it to the right bases to make the right plays. The third inning she played third base. She never got to hit, but never struck out. She walked onto base twice, and stole her way around every time. She likes to slide; she's not afraid to get a little (or alot) dirty. This is video of her pitching!

Dallin also had a game, he didn't hit but walked onto base twice. He has a good eye and a little strike zone. He made it home the second time, the first time they got the third out while he was on third base. He also beautifully fielded a ball and got it to the right base. So, it was a great baseball night for him! (His team also lost.)

This is Dallin warming up for his game.

McCade had practice tonight, so you will begin to his game results next week.
That's it for now!


Friday, May 23, 2008

The end of School & lots more baseball.

Tacey just finished her first year in Middle School. This is their logo/mascot. Yes, those are baby potatoes dancig. Shane and I think they look like dancing terds.
Well, Tacey spent 3 days at 6th grade science camp this week. They went to a 4-H camp in Alpine, WY. The first day was excessively warm and many of them got sunburned. The second day they woke up to snow and it rained from then on. Thankfully, Tacey has inherited the sneaky gene. There is a traditional, completely planned, absolutely impromptu water fight the last night of camp; boys against girls. Tacey wore her rain poncho and switched teams mid fight. Now, the boys knew this, they didn't get her wet. However, the girls didn't know this, so they didn't get her wet. Considering it was 10:00 at night and 38 degrees, I think the sneakyness was a good thing. When she unloads her camera we'll see if we can post a picture or two. She also announced she had an end-of-the-school-year party at her friends house that night. They roasted marshmellows and hot dogs and drank root beer. Then they played night games. Ah, the joys of picking up your children at midnight. She has another party tonight; the life of a socialite.
Dallin and McCade will now be at the same school; which is one less place to combat drive for a dropoff next year. Hooray! Dallin was sad. His class made yearbooks for each other and the other students wrote him wonderful messages that made him realize he had many more friends than he thought. They also wrote about themselves. This is what Dallin wrote;
"I like Algebra and Math. I like Math and all the books I read. My favorite book is Summer of the Monkeys. I am terrible at spelling, but I am a good kid."
Things like this make a mother cry.
McCade was peppy as usual. He's just glad he has no more homework.
THEN, we got the perennial parental privledge of freezing while we watched 2 hours of baseball in 45 degree weather. Dallin hit the ball the first time up to bat and was brought in by his friend's double. Can I say there are few things more fun in this world than the look on Dallin's face when he runs into home? The next time he got up, he struck out. And the last time he got up he was walked on to base, and was brought in by his friend's home run. (He friend had a very good night.)
Please remember all the wonderful people who have fought and are fighting in many different ways for the freedoms we enjoy this weekend.
Happy Memorial Weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Real Men Play Baseball in the Rain

Dallin is still playing baseball, and I have to say that he and his team never once let the unpredictable Idaho weather distract them from playing their hardest. However, the wind would come from the west and be cold, then the northeast and be even colder. Then it would come from the east and be warm. Frankly, it was all a bit random. We did get cold rain during the game; I wondered if they were going to call it. The sky looks cool though! They never did call the game, and the boys played hard in the rain. I sat, once again huddled in my blanket. Dallin kept his head and remembered to jump out of the batter's box when one of his teammates was stealing home even though he was getting very wet. He did play right field as well as center field. He also was walked onto base, and then stole his way around and scored a run. I know his team won, but as we all know I am not the most baseball-savvy person; I don't know by how much.

Friday, May 16, 2008

This is my new fashion statement. . . . .

Well, this is my STYLIN' new boot. I will be in this for another 6 weeks. I can start to put weight on my foot, but ONLY when I am wearing this. I have to say, putting my foot in the boot forced it into a 90 degree angle for the first time since I injured it seven weeks ago. I thought I was going to cry. (The nurse said many people do.) On the up side, I don't have to wear it when I sleep. This means that last night was the first night I didn't have to take medication to sleep. HOORAY! I also get to move it, as long as I don't make it go beyond that 90 degree angle, and I have NO WEIGHT on it. I have a picture of my leg as they took the cast off. I would post it but honestly, it is just too gross.

This is a picture of Dallin at the pool last summer, but I am going to give a baseball update. (I just thought you should see his cute face while I tell you about him!) Anyway, he had another baseball game last night. I honestly have no idea if his team won or not. (I think they lost.) But he did hit the ball this time! Unfortunately he hit it right at the first baseman, so he was out at first. But he was happy. He also fielded the one random ball that made it to center field. So a good night for Dallin and Baseball.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Begining of Baseball

Well, Baseball began last night. I froze to death! It was so cold that the dog cried until I let him sit on my lap in my blanket. He normally tries to get off his leash and get me to walk him around, but he was content to sit and stay warm. (Not that I could walk him anyway, I think even with his little size he would knock me off my crutches.)Dallin had his first baseball game last night. He was VERY excited. He came home from school and changed right into his uniform. His team lost, but over all they played really well. He struck out, but so did several other boys; most of the boys in fact. He didn't notice everyone else though, and was disappointed in himself. We had a talk and then he felt better. He seems to be a permanent fixture in center field. When all was said and done, he told me he had a really good time and that the game was fun. So, we will call it a victory in all the ways that really count when you are 9 years old.

That's about all for now!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's Mother's Day!

I am thankful to my incredibly AMAZING Mom, and my Fantastic Grandma(s) for making me who I am today (or for not disowning me in spite of who I am!). I am also thankful for the women who have made my wonderful husband the man he is today. Speaking of Mother's Day, I received wonderful gifts from my children and a new cell phone from my family. I just have to decide which cell phone I want. . . But I wanted to share this particular present with all of you. . . . . . . .
Dallin DREW AND WATERCOLORED this ALL BY HIMSELF! An artist came to his class and explained the techniques.
It may make the other kids jealous, but this sucker is getting a frame and a place of honor on a wall!
We spent yesterday morning in the mountains. The kids and the dog ran around and hiked with their cousins; I sat in the car. It snowed the day before, it hadn't really warmed up so it was still around. They saw lots of deer and elk while hiking, had a small snowball fight and basically enjoyed being outside after a winter of structured indoor stuff.

Tacey and Dallin


Cousin Cole, Dallin, Tacey, McCade, Cousin Jarrett & Cousin Wyatt

We had a good time and are looking forward to many mountain adventures this summer; hopefully by then I will be able to walk.....

Happy Mother's Day!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How to feel like a dork

I discovered today the very best way to feel like a dork is to use one of those electric cart things at Wal-Mart.

Yeah, they even beep when you go backwards. It made Tacey laugh so hard she almost had to leave me and run to the bathroom.

Did I say I CAN'T WAIT to get back on two feet as opposed to one foot and two crutches?

Another Dork move on my part today; I have a new favorite movie trailer.

Check it out...


Sunday, May 4, 2008


Hmmm, Thursday I let the dog out when I got home from school. I called him in awhile later, but he suddenly put his nose to the ground and tried to dig under the freezer. I left him to chase whatever it was, and went inside. It isn't uncommon for things to try to live under the outside freezer; mice, kittens, etc. In fact, we have had several batches of kittens take up residence in our garage. BUT, as I have a dog that was bred for rodent hunting, he serves a dual-purpose; cat chaser and mouse hunter. After awhile I went out to see what was so interesting and through a strange ripple effect of events, a board fell behind the freezer, breaking eggs and making a BIG chicken move. MORE CHICKEN! The dog finally managed to get behind the freezer and was sitting on the chicken's back-end, trying to pull it out by it's neck. He didn't manage to do anything but get a mouthful of feathers and freak out the chicken, but I was afraid that he might kill it. The last thing I needed was a dead chicken in the garage! I managed to get the dog locked outside and the chicken trapped in the garage. I waited for the boys to come home, but when we went to chase it out of the garage, we couldn't find it! We let the dog back in the garage and then I SAW THE CHICKEN. It was 4 inches from Dallin's head standing on a stool. (I am obviously not a country girl, because it NEVER occured to me that the chicken might jump up on something; duh!) The chicken finally moved, and hit Dallin in the face with it's wing. (IT IS A VERY BIG CHICKEN!!! Like up to my knees! I know I am not that tall, but that is still really big!) The not-so-intelligent thing ran around the garage, even to the door, but didn't escape when it had the chance. We grabbed the dog; a much easier grab, and put him in the house then opened all the doors, and finally managed to chase the chicken out.
Koda, the Great Chicken Hunter
Today when I got home from church, my neighbor called and said about 45 minutes before I got home she watched 2 chickens jump the fence and strut into the garage like they owned it. I think my garage is turning into a chicken sorority! Shane says he's going to sit out and catch them and kill them. I am still considering making them a house so we can have the eggs; food is so expensive that volunteer chickens might not be a bad thing!
I guess our neighbor 2 houses away was around when Tacey went all-girly about the chicken on Monday. She was VERY loud; I guess she got my lungs. My other neighbor across the street asked about my chicken dog when he came over to help drag the trash can to the curb. (Shane was out of town, and I can't do it on crutches; I forgot to make the kids do it.) By the time we got to church we had several people asking about our chicken-dog; small town, stories travel fast.
Today is also the 1 month anniversary of my injury. I have a deep seeded fear that I have forgotten how to walk.....