Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blue & Gold 2011

Another year, another Blue & Gold Banquet.

This one I approached with a bit of sadness . . . it was the last one. It is hard to believe Cub Scouts is over. I officially became a Cub Scout Mom in October of 2006, now in February of 2011 I have no more Cubs. In a way it is a relief, but it is also sad to see it go.
I am really proud of the boys; they were the most decorated Cub Scouts I know. They worked really hard in their scouting programs.
So this Blue and Gold was the last cake. I talked McCade through the cake batter; but he did it himself. I made the frosting, but he frosted them himself. I did put the numbers on, but the CONCEPT for the cake was ALL his. The theme was 'Turn Back The Clock'. I think he did a great job!
As I look at this I remember the exploding volcano cake, the fireworks cake, the dragon cake, the American Flag cake, the 'Don't Tread On Me' cake, and the checkerboard cake with this final Blue & Gold clock ending our run. That's a lot of cake.
He is a very Handsome Cub Scout . . . last time to wear the Shirt that has been through so many Day Camps, Scout Sundays, Pack Meetings, and Den Meetings. So glad it is washable.
McCade earned his Arrow of Light. It is the Highest Rank in Cub Scouts, and is the ONLY Cub Scout award that can be worn on the Boy Scout Uniform. His buddy Connor also earned his Arrow of Light, so got to have their ceremony together.
(In keeping with Church Policy, there are no open flames, so they were battery powered lights).
The Arrow points the way to the path of truth. Follow this path and grow to be a strong and honest Man. The Sun lights the path so that you may never lose your way. The first candle represents Wisdom. It does not mean superior knowledge, it means putting right use to the knowledge you have. The second candle represents Courage. Courage doesn't mean you meet danger without fear; it means you meet danger in spite of your fear. The third candle represents Self Control. Self control does not only include you temper, but control and direction in all things you do. The fourth candle represents Justice. Justice is the practice of dealing fairly with others without prejudice or regard for race, color or creed.
The Fifth candle represents Faith. It is believing in something you can't physically prove is true. The sixth candle represents Hope. Hope means to expect with confidence. Always hope for better things to come. The seventh candle represents Love. There are many kinds of Love; Love of family, love of home, love of your fellow man, and love of God & Country.
To live by these virtues is to live a life that is successful and joyful.
The Arrow of Light is an award he has earned the right to wear for his entire life.

I think he was more excited about his cupcake though. . .

McCade's 11th Birthday

Today is St. Patrick's Day!

But that is not what this post is about.

As I said before, I am a bit behind. So, here is all about McCade's Birthday.

Mac's birthday fell on a Sunday this year; Sunday is a busy day around here. Church takes several hours and sometimes there are other things. (This year we were participating in an Eagle Scout Court of Honor.)

So, we spread the Birthday Festivities over several days.

On Saturday we took McCade out to eat at his Favorite Restaurant; Chuck-a-Rama. Yep. An all-you-can-eat-buffet. I guess there is more than one reason he thinks Las Vegas is the best city in the world! Dallin did the best job at eating our money's worth. I think he ate for several people. It was nice not to have anyone complain about the menu! Everyone could get basically anything they thought they wanted!

Sunday I made sure he had his favorite food for dinner. Well, some form of it at least! His FAVORITE thing is Pizza. I made homemade Pizza Pockets; that way everyone gets whatever they want! Hhhhmmmmmm. . . I see a theme. . .

McCade asked for a Peanut butter - Chocolate cake. So that is what he got; *sigh* gotta love the double digit candles!

He wanted to light his own candles; heck, we let him. He is a Boyscout! I figured as long as there wasn't any lighter-fluid around he would be fine.

We must need to work on his wind-power. It took two tries to get the two candles out. HAHA!

Shane always takes it upon himself to buy the 11th birthday presents for the boys. Well, to be more accurate he took care of Dallin's and now he has taken care of McCade's. Shane picked up the traditional present on Monday. McCade almost waited patiently.

But was sufficiently excited when he saw his present to make his Dad's day!

A little about McCade Right Now:

1. Your hair? brown
2. Your Mom and Dad? you're one of them
3. Favorite Food? pizza
4. Favorite Drink? Mountain Dew
5. Biggest Dream? earn video games back
6. Hobby? it would be video games if I could play them. . .
7. Fear? Tie: between Snakes and Heights
8. Where you want to be in 6 years? playing Basketball
9. Something you aren't? Dallin
10. Your Mood? Happy
11. Favorite TV show? America's Funniest Home Videos
12. About your life? Hard, Good at times, Tiring and fun
13. Missing Someone? Larry
14. A place you go over and over? Bed
15. Collector of anything? Giraffes
16. Wanted superpower? Shape Shifting
17. First thought when you wake up? I'm Hungry
18. Any bad habits? Beating up my brother
19. Bad habits that drive you crazy? Not doing my homework right away
20. 3 best personality traits? friendly, kind and animal lover
21. 3 worst personality traits? messy, drama king and easily bored
22. One thing you wish you could change about yourself? Be smarter
23. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be? be a shape shifter, be rich and more wishes
24. If you HAD to change your name, what would you change it to? Mr. Cool
25. Favorite song? Can't Buy Me Love by the Beatles or Life is A Highway by Rascall Flatts
26. You get in trouble for: Not doing my reading
27. Ninjas, Pirates or Aliens? Ninjas. Why? 'cause I wanna flip like they do.

For the record; McCade got an unacceptable grade last quarter in Math. Part of the punishment for less-than-his-best performance was that he lost all access to video games. He's hoping that this weekend he has earned them back.

I did take him shopping for some new church shoes and some new clothes a week later. He has become very concerned about how he leaves the house recently. I am hoping that continues!

Happy Birthday Mac!


Monday, March 14, 2011

3.14 pi & pie!

I have had lots of thoughts recently. . . so many Blog Posts to catch up on. I have lots of excuses for not accomplishing this task yet;
1. Hard Drive on Laptop died a very quick, yet painful death. Thank Goodness our computer Doctor is AMAZING and saved all but a few few files stored in its memory.
2. Laundry
3. As it was in the process of dying I was afraid to empty the camera with all the pictures THIS YEAR so far. I take a lot of pictures. There was a high probability an amazing picture or two could be lost! I couldn't risk losing them by loading them onto a sick computer.
4. When the new hard drive came to live in my computer it took HOURS to download all the pictures and video.
5. Laundry.
6. Basement still under construction
7. Laundry & Dishes
8. 3 kids; one who is now driving herself around in her *amazing* car, one who always needs to be taken to the Library, and one who cannot be left to his own devices. . . although when I do allow that I usually get a good giggle.
9. The Refrigerator went to sleep for 3 days. Used all my blogging time walking to the outside fridge and freezer getting the stuff I needed to feed my ravenous 12 yr-old.

So, I made a BIG decision. Start where I am and slowly catch up. So, chronological this is not. Entertaining and informative? I hope so.

There has been a lot said recently about the silent stalkers of Mormon Mommy Blogs. I guess I also fall into that category; as a blogger as well as a stalker. I bet you could find Mommy Blogs from every religious affiliation; not just Mormons. Basically the articles say we are a bunch of women who have taken society has told us and decided to do the opposite; put off our careers but not our families. Actually be proud of being a Wife and Mother first. If that is how I am labeled, then I admit it; guilty.

I am the Mom that drives the kids to school and WATCHES them walk inside. I am the one that knows all of their teachers on a first name basis, as well as the secretaries and principals. I am the Mom that checks all the homework. I am the Mom that drives to and watches almost every dance lesson, football practice and basketball practice. I am the Mom that fails to make her kids do the chores they should; its just easier than the tension I feel making them do it right. I am the Mom that runs with the dog as often as possible. I say it is for the exercise; it is really for the peace and quiet. I have to have 30 minutes a day without Disney Channel ringing in my ears. I am last to bed, and second one up. (Hubby grew up on a Dairy farm. How does one compete with that?) I bake my own bread because it is cheaper. I make brownies from scratch because Brownie Mix is too expensive. I want to eat more salads. I am the Mom that knows all of my kid's friends; most of them think I am cool. I am the Mom that writes nasty letters to idiot-politicians. (I write a lot of letters). I am the Mom that volunteers ALL THE TIME. I am the Mom that sees the lines around my eyes and wishes I still look like I did 10 years ago. I am the Mom that refused to believe that my children are mediocre. I am the Mom that expects my kids to ALWAYS do their best. I am the Mom that will move everything to provide my child an opportunity to try something they are interested in. I am the Mom that wonders what kind of career I will find waiting for me when my kids are gone, and what I can do to prepare for it.

So yea. According to society I have it all backwards. Yep. It's okay. I'm cool with it. Heck, I even have the teenager stamp of approval.

So, what is an overly-busy mom to do?

Well, today I made waffles for breakfast (the kids ate the waffles, I am only allowed unsweetened oatmeal). Got everyone ready for school, got myself ready for school, woke up the lazy doggie and made him go outside to do his *business*, cleaned the kitchen, handled all last minute financial crisis (MOM! I need lunch money!), dropped them off and unloaded my stuff into my classroom all before 7:50am.

Then I taught music to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders, with a break for lunch. (yep, more kids. See why I exercise?) Lunch turned into a discussion with one of Teenager's friends about the merits of Debate vs. Sports championships in the long run. Lean Meat on homemade wheat bread; no mayo all the while wishing it had lettuce and tomatoes.

After school there was a meeting with the High School Choir Teacher, a tap class, beauty treatments for dance pictures, personal driver to and from Piano lessons and the library.

Next was on to the current holiday.

I was informed at breakfast that today was pi day (3.14 as in March 14th). Smartie-pants gifted child was pretty excited about it. SO what is an overly busy Mom to do? Well, she pulls the left over Mashed potatoes from the Sunday Night Dinner from the fridge. Nope, not enough. Must peel and boil more. Did that, mashed them. Added them to the leftovers. Then made trip to the store for other NECESSARY pi-day supplies;

Chicken Pies and Mashed Potatoes for Dinner.
And the bonus Fruit Pies for Dessert.
Yep, on SALE for $0.59.
All fully microwaveable.
Went to the trouble of heating up the Chicken ones, but for Dessert everyone was on their own.
My excuse? It was cheap, easy and festive.
I seek after these things.