Sunday, November 29, 2009

It is that time again. . .

So it is that time of year again - the time when I have to try to find a picture for the Christmas Card. I really like the years when I have a good picture of the kids from some amazing activity we did during the year. However, Tacey has lost her braces since then and I couldn't let her appear in the Christmas card in braces when she now has this beautiful, expensive smile! I decided I should take a special picture just for the card. The best time to do this would be right after church when I knew they looked somewhat nice. Also, if I take it myself, then I am GUARANTEED not to be in it! Anyway, as I like to pretend I am a photographer, this is a few of the shots I took in the freezing weather in just 10 minutes after church today!
A little fuzzy. I got a new camera, and I am still getting used to it.
Nice, gotta love the cheeze-ball on the right.
This is nice one - probably one of the best. Still a little bit of Cheeze there in the middle. (That seemed to be the theme for the day.)
Solo picture of McCade.

Solo picture of Tacey. This is the Historical park, but I think the airconditioner in the back looks a little suspicious.
Solo picture of Dallin.
Having a little fun.
Little models. (Still with cheeze.)

This one has a bit of editing, and is my favorite.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The unveiling, a Basketball victory, and a New Moon

Last week Tacey was having issues- I know this may NOT be a surprise - as she is 14 and all, but these were very serious issues. She had a scheduled appointment the beginning of December to have her braces removed. This was a much anticipated day as she had been wearing them (at least part of them) for just a few weeks shy of three years. She had been diligently counting down the days, but began having issues with her brackets. They had warned her that if she lost any brackets or if any became significantly loose they would have to postpone that final appointment because her teeth would move where they weren't supposed to. Of course, this made her paranoid about every little thing; being anxious to have them off and all, but she did have several begin to come loose. She tried to convince me it was because her body was "repelling" them - they HAD to come off. We made and 'Emergency Appointment', which I had to work during, so Shane took her. Tacey called me at the end of the appointment and asked if it would work in my schedule to take her back later in the day. . . because they were going to take them off!!! In the morning they removed her bottom wire and a VERY visible front bracket. Well really, the bracket had come off all by itself. They also installed her permanent retainers, then sent her on her way. I am not sure how much she learned in school that day given her excitement level and all - but she did name the single, naked tooth. Its name is HOPE. I took her back later, and Shane joined us, and they finished the job.

The tooth there on the right on the bottom is HOPE!

This is Daina. She is one of Tacey's mentors at church. I also believe she was EXTREMELY influential in the decision to take them off so quickly. She denies it, but I still say it is good to have connections. . .

There they are, no longer on her teeth!
This is Tacey and her Orthodontist - Dr. Hilliam. We will be glad to see less of him. Unfortunately, we still have two more kids that need Orthodontic work. *sigh*
The day was stellar for Tacey - she got her braces off and got to skip a math quiz to do it!

And this is what she looks like now!

She had a game Tuesday in Teton. I guess it was HORRIBLE. We didn't go. But Thursday we went to her game in South Freemont. I have to say, they referees were STUPID (anyone there would agree), but in the end, THEY WON! They played really well, played as a team and got the job done this time. Tacey made 2 baskets, had an amazing steal, but more importantly shut down #4 on the other team. She was their 'key player' and made their first couple of baskets. Once Tacey was on her, that all stopped. All she (#4) managed to do after that was get fouls. It was nice to have a win, and a win they played well for!
If you flip on these real fast you can see Tacey shutting #4 down.

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Tacey is always going for the ball; this means she spends a significant amount of time on the floor.
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Like THIS!
Saturday night Tacey got a last minute invitation to see 'New Moon' with a friend. OF COURSE she wanted to go! When her friend and her Mom came to pick Tacey up, the friend her Mom was going to take had backed out, so with Shane's blessing I got to go too! If you like the Twilight Series - I recommend it - A LOT. The movie was much better then the first one. As you can see, Tacey is Team Edward.
Posted by PicasaWe went to the 8:00pm show, but were worried about the lines, so we actually got there at 6:00. There was no line for our show yet, so we went and got some Hot Chocolate to help us brave the sub-zero temperatures while we waited in line. Yes - in Idaho, they make you wait outside in the freezing, windy weather. It was worth it as we were second in line, and 'went to the left', so we were first in the theatre and had the BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE! I tried to take a picture of Tacey and her friend Alexis, but it was too dark for my phone - sad thing.
We look forward to a happy Thanksgiving, though we wish we had a HUGE house and enough money to fly all of our family and other loved ones in to spend it with us. If we don't see you that day - know that we love you and wish we were with you!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What happens when it sounds like there is a faucet on and there isn't!

We had yet ANOTHER week with people regurgitating their food this week. I think we are on an eight week roll. This week it was Dallin. On Tuesday I left work to come home for lunch and heard what sounded like a faucet left on. As I followed the sound I noticed that there was water entering the basement through the wall and running along the main water pipe and then dripping onto the floor. By the time I found it, there was a fairly good-sized puddle in the basement. I called Shane, who by some miracle was actually IN town, and he said he would soon be home. I went back to work, and didn't worry much more about it. When I returned home, this is what I saw;
Shane in the 5 foot deep, 10 foot long, 3 foot wide hole. I was just grateful NO ONE FELL IN IT!
Yeah, Mac has his hand wrapped there. He popped his thumb playing Dodge Ball. He was full of all sorts of DRAMA about it - commenting that he was going to have to learn to write with his left hand now, making sure I was going to go in and tell his teacher so she didn't 'freak out', and other things. I told him he would only have to have it wrapped on day then he would be fine - by some miracle; he was!
Back to the water. . .
I guess there was a significantly LARGER puddle when Shane got home. He went outside and began to dig. He found the leak in the water main, then dug a little further so he could cut the pipe and then put on a fitting and new pipe to fix the problem. As he dug further, he found ANOTHER leak. So, he dug further, and found . . . another leak. As he looked down the expanse of yard from where he was standing in his 5 foot deep hole, he finally gave up and called his friend Kevin who just happens to own a backhoe. I think that was a VERY GOOD choice.

As the backhoe dug the hole/trench, we (actually SHANE; I had NOTHING to do with this other than official photographer/laugher-at-the-situation person) found that the water main had been replaced several time before. The first pipe was still in the ground, and impossible to move; who KNOWS what it is attached to! The second pipe was a galvanized pipe that appeared to run into the house. This was a little odd as the pipe that came into the house was copper. As the backhoe ripped the galvanized steel pipe out, copper pipe was found inside. At some point in time the galvanized steel pipe failed and they simply inserted a copper pipe to fix the problem; hence the copper pipe into the house. Unfortunately, not only do copper and steel cause each other to erode they create a battery. From then on everyone made sure they were adequately grounded. In the end, there was a BIG hole/trench and a large pile of dirt on the driveway. Shane spent the next two days repairing the outside line and installing a new set on connections into the house.
We were never without water, as we used a hose from the neighbors house to ours to make things run almost like normal. On Saturday we had full water again. Other than the fact Shane is now sick from 3 days in a 5 foot hole in the front yard in freezing weather, I have discovered several important things. Among them; my children ARE capable of taking showers less than 45 minutes long!
We also spent last night at the Shelley High School Football Semi-Finals. They won, so we get to go watch they try to win a State 3A Championship next Saturday! WOOT! WOOT! Shelley is a town so focused on sports, that they even cancelled all of the Girl's basketball games on Friday. This included 7th grade, 8th grade (Tacey's team), Freshman, JV and Varsity. Just as I say, sports - especially football - are important here. Tacey plays out of town all next week; we'll see how many of those games I can get to!

In the end we have good water, and Shane did an awesome job fixing it, and it is my PERSONAL opinion that we were all getting sick because of the dirt-filled Battery Acid water we were drinking. Maybe I am wrong - as I am NOT a physician. But last time we got sick like this we had a leaking sewer pipe. We fixed it; we got better. I am just sayin'. . . .

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Obnoxious Basketball Parents - And I Don't Mean Us!

Okay, so we had quite the week - I can't even remember what we did, but I feel like all we did was run, and run, and run.

On Monday Tacey found out that she won't have to wear her braces much longer; official removal date is December 2nd. Happy Early Christmas for her! McCade woke up sick on Tuesday, but it was only a 24 hour thing - either that or a just until the obscene amount of Halloween candy he ate Monday afternoon had left his body! Dallin got to go to his first official Boy Scout Meeting; he was SO excited. We raked leaves on Thursday and Friday for a widow at church. Sounds like it wasn't a big deal, but she has a HUGE yard with a ton of VERY LARGE trees, as well as HUGE trees in her neighbor's yard that like to shed their leaves in her yard! I can honestly say I had never raked leaves before; I grew up in Southern California! I thought I was did well until about 2:00am that night when I woke up with pains in my arms that felt like I was getting a ton of tetanus shots! I took an Aleve and went back to bed; I swear I am getting old. On Thursday I also took lunch into Tacey's Basketball team, the Moms always bring in lunch during the home games.

Probably the most eventful thing came at Tacey's game on Tuesday. She had games on both Tuesday and Thursday; on Thursday they seemed to have just 'checked out' against Sugar-Salem, and lost; they play them again, so I am hopeful they will play like I know they can and beat them. They also lost on Tuesday to Firth, but they played hard the entire time, they simply did not make the baskets necessary to win. The whole game was quite an experience as one of the girls on the other team set the timbre for the whole event. She was full of bad sportsmanship and profanity; she was ejected early in the third quarter fro having 5 fouls, and commenced to swear at the Official. Her family was even louder, much more profane and intensely negative. they were negative to their OWN girls, not just ours and the Officials. Not long after the girl was ejected, the one of the Officials stopped the game and said they weren't going to start the game again until the family left. Of Course, they wouldn't leave and since those in charge couldn't determine EXACTLY who was causing the problem, the oldest daughter left in lieu of the parents yelling profanity the whole way.

Now, I like it when Tacey's team plays hard and plays well. I like it even better when they win. But it is a Parent's job to support their child, and the other players on the team. But it shows nothing other than an utter lack of class to talk badly about the other team and the Officials. These people did both of those things IN ADDITION to talking bad about their own team. I guess there really is nothing to do in Firth when your entire life revolves around an 8th Grade Girls basketball game; seriously.

Lets hope this weeks games go better!
Playing Guard against Firth.
Waiting for the Obnoxious Parents to leave. . . which they never did.
Defending against Sugar-Salem.

They look really into the game, don't they?
Tacey catching the pass
Tacey stealing the ball
Running one of the plays when they pass the ball in.
Passing the ball. *Side note - Tacey didn't shoot much this game - I think she attempted one basket. The coach took her aside and told her quit being selfless; just to take every shot she can. She gets so worried about the plays, she forgets to shoot. It actually seems to be a problem with the whole team. Hopefully they get over it soon!*


Arrow of Light

Last Sunday Dallin received his Arrow of Light. He worked hard to earn it, and deserved it. It was an awesome experience as it is the Cub Scout equivalent of the Eagle in Boy Scouts. It is also the only Cub Scout badge you can wear on your Boy Scout Uniform.

The Arrow of Light Badge has 7 rays of light radiating from it - each represents a virtue.

1. Wisdom; It means using the knowledge you have for the right, not to have a lot of knowledge.

2. Courage; It does not mean you are without fear, but that you meet challenges and dangers in spite of your fear.

3. Self-Control; not just of your temper - but in all things.

4. Justice; dealing fairly with others regardless of their opinions, race, creed or color.

5. Faith; the conviction that something unproved by physical evidence is true.

6. Hope; to expect with confidence.

7. Love; There are many kind of love, love of family, love of home, love of fellowman, love of God, and love of country. All of these are necessary for a happy life.

Both of my Grandfathers were into Scouting - in a big way. I couldn't help but think about them as we stood there with Dallin, and how proud they are of him. I know they are proud because I know they were watching, and they were there. Both of my Grandfathers were great examples of all the virtues in the Arrow of Light. I am thankful for the scouting program and the way it is helping my sons become great men - like my grandfathers.

I will also say that when we got home, Shane congratulated me for getting my Arrow of Light - guess it is like when I congratulate him for winning the Pinewood Derby!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Basketball and Halloween

It was a big week! Tacey started Basketball games. Her first game was home against Ririe and I have to say, even though I am 'The Mom', she played an amazingly good game. She had a lot of steals, more assists than I can count, was an amazing defender and made three of the five shots she made. The team did win, so it was good all around. This is Tacey going out on the floor for the first time. It is important to note her number - 22. She wasn't the only one who wanted this number. She had to shoot for it - and she got it! She thinks m=numbers with 'two' in them are lucky for her. In a pinch, she will take something close to 38 - her brother's football number!
Waiting at half court during a foul shot.

stealing the ball. It was being passed to the girl behind her, She ran down and made a layup after this.
Again, waiting on the foul shot.
In the heat of the game.
On Thursday they played away at West Jefferson, so they got to wear their Black Uniforms. This is her laughing during warm-ups.
This is one of their plays. They stack then split when the ball is thrown in from the side.
Bringing the ball down with her teammate Indi.
Getting the rebound. Her feet are both off of the floor, see? And she did get the rebound.
That is her friend Katelyn's back. Tacey is on the floor there fighting for the ball. There was a lot of that at this game. West Jefferson is a very physical team. Last year one of the girls had to get a tooth replaced after playing them! Tacey was elbowed, kicked and stepped on.
This is her shooting, and making, a foul shot. Nice form, yes?
Halloween was a few days later. Tacey went as the color pink. She was ALL pink - her eyelashes, her braces, her rubber bands, her scarf and all her clothes - including her shoes.
Dallin was Indiana Jones. I have to say it was a really good looking costume, even if I am the one who created it. I made his whip - its construction was Andrea's idea. It looked really good - and of course the first thing he did when he got it was try it out on his brother.
My handsome guy.
McCade went as the Crocodile Hunter. He said 'Crikey!' all night. He was the ALIVE Crocodile Hunter, not the dead one. That will be something he probably does when he is older. . . like 16.
Also a very handsome guy.
We took them Trick-or-Treating, starting at a Pumpkin Walk at the North Bingham County Park. They had several candy stations spread out throughout the displays. It was an easy way to get a lot of candy quickly - and that is the point of Halloween, right?
McCade - he has the best smile, doesn't he?
Again, a very handsome Indiana Jones - Harrison Ford better watch out!
This is one of the pumpkin displays. This is Dallin as Indiana Jones standing in the Indiana Jones the pumpkin display. Yep, that pumpkin back there is supposed to be Indiana Jones.
This is the Charlotte's Web pumpkin display. I suggest clicking on it and making it bigger. The Cows are made of pumpkins, the geese, the sheep, the horse, the farmer, and of course Wilbur and Fern!

This is Anakin Skywalker and Darth Maul as a pumpkin display. It is hard to tell, but I think Dath Maul is going to win this round!
The rest of the night was spent in pursuit of as much candy as they could possibly get. I have to say they did really well. They gave up rather early I thought - but their pumpkins were totally full, so it was a good night. As for Shane and I, we sat in the warm car - I even had the seat warmers on. It was actually a good night for Trick-or-Treating as far as Idaho goes. It was 56 degrees, and there was no snow. Usually there is snow . . .
We also had a really special event with Dallin today - he received his Arrow of Light - the highest rank you can get as a Cub Scout and the ONLY Cub Scout patch you can wear on your Boy Scout shirt. The Arrow of Light is in Cub Scouts like the Eagle is in Boy Scouts. I haven't down loaded those pictures yet, and I want to take some time to talk about it, so that post will come later.
Happy Day After Halloween!