Friday, July 26, 2013

The Fatigue. . .

Ah, my Summer. . . 
the brief thing that is was is gone.
My mind is cluttered and I hope I can find the clarity to start up school.
Fall is always hopping with Football and Cheerleading.
This year we add the Miss Russet Pageant on to that.

But I will digress and catch up a bit.
Dallin graduated from Junior High (well Middle School). 
Seriously, what is Middle School?
What is it in the middle of? *Whatever*

He received a special award for having the Highest Reading ISAT Score.
Yep. Pretty cool.

But before that we had dance recital. 
even Shane!
Tacey signed tehm up for Daddy/Daughter Ballroom. She was by far the oldest 'daughter' in the class. She absolutely didn't care. She just wanted to dance with her Daddy.

Look! Shane is smiling; almost like he is having fun!

Tacey in one her Zumba Dances.

McCade showing his 'skillz' in his Hip Hop Class.

More Zumba. She is wearing glow in the dark war paint.

Ballroom. Tacey dancing with Dallin. McCade with his partner Kenzie.

Star Wars Hip Hop. McCade was Chewbacca. You can kind of see that on his shirt.

Technicality: Chewbacca doesn't have the force. But McCade used it to kill Darth Vader.

Dallin & McCade in Tap.

Ballet en Pointe.

And THEN we moved on to Graduation.
This was his last day on Junior High. 

And. . . Graduation, or Promotion. 
Yea, there were kids who didn't get to promote. I felt bad for three of them, they were in line, but their grades had come in that afternoon after school ended and they hadn't succeeded. SO they had to get out of line and sit in another section. But they didn't know this until they were actually handing out the certificates.

Getting his special award.

His sister posed for me when she was sitting in this exact same spot.
He is nothing like his Sister. 
I think he avoided looking at me.

And he is consistently annoyed at my picture taking.

His sister loves pictures, and made him laugh and turn various shades of red and pink.

Then we got some smiles.

And then we got this when he was trying to take a picture with his friend, Will. 
Double photo bomb from Tacey and McCade.

And I felt the occasion deserved deluxe Cocoa Bean Cupcakes.

The next day I took Haley and Alaina to iJump, and indoor trampoline park.
They were pretty excited. At first Alaina could only jump and land on all fours like this:

Frankly I am surprised she still has a tongue. It was out the whole time. 
But the all-fours action lent for some really cool Macy's Parade Balloon pictures.

Jumping into the Foam Pit.

Man, oh man did she giggle.

Haley figured out how to climb to the top. She worked for quite awhile to figure it out.
She finally got it. The secret was: NO SOCKS.
Then she could use the trampoline like a very big slide.
Alaina almost figured it out.
Almost, but not quite.

Alaina just slid back on her belly when she couldn't reach the top.

She got very stuck in the foam pits but she just laughed and laughed.

By the end of our time Alaina had leaned to actually jump and land on her feet.

When our time was up, I asked Alaina if she wanted to jump across the trampolines on our way out. 
She said "Aunt Danielle, I no wanna jump no more."
She had fun. Haley had fun.
It was a good day.