Sunday, January 31, 2010

Doggie surgeries, basketball injuries and a D.A.R.E.- ing accomplishment

In addition to the normal stuff, this week we got to do something special. Dallin graduated from the D.A.R.E. program at his school. It is a VERY big deal, and they treat it very similar to a High School graduation except that instead of wearing an ill-fitting black dress and funny shaped hat with a tassle, you get an ill-fitting nasty gray shirt with a lion on the front! They read his name and he walked across the stage shaking hands with local 'dignitaries' just as he will when he graduates from High School and College.
I am VERY pleased with his accomplishments!
Earlier that day we took Koda to the animal hospital to get his leg fixed. I was worried - not only because they were going to operate, but more so because he does not like being in a kennel and likes staying over night in a strange place even less. We tried to kennel him for a weekend once, and it almost killed him. When he got home he was understandably VERY sore and VERY tired. He spent most of the day like this. We were glad to hear that the tendon tear was only a partial tear, not a complete tear. The post-surgery puppy was the saddest thing I have ever seen!
They told us he would spend the first week carrying the leg really hard, and would start to try to 'toe down' at about 10 days. I guess the Vet really didn't have a good read on this PARTICULAR puppy! He began to 'toe down' on Thursday - not good. The Vet called Thursday to see how he was doing, but I missed the call, so I called them back Friday morning. I had several concerns, some of which had worked themselves out - like the puppy did not pee until Thursday morning. SO, he went from Tuesday to Thursday without peeing! I was afraid he would explode! He had 2 main problems with peeing - first was that he had just started to drink, so it takes a bit for fluids to work their way through. The other reason I think he had a problem was that he usually stands on his bad leg to pee, he then switches and uses the other one, but this change in habit seemed more than he wanted to deal with. By Friday I was concerned that he still wasn't eating, and what he was eating and drinking he was throwing up, he still wasn't peeing much, and he hadn't pooed, he was consistently 'toe-ing down' and was now chewing on his stitches. SO, we ended up back in the Vet office on Friday. After a good look-over, she took Koda's pain patch off of his leg, I guess he is like me in that he has trouble with pain medications. He was given a shot and medication to calm his tummy, I was told the lack of pee and poop was due lack of food in his system and he was not dehydrated. They gave me a 'cone of shame' to help with the chewing on the stitches, AND told me there was basically nothing to do about the 'toe-ing down'. So far we have kept a really good eye on him so we have not had to use the 'cone of shame', but that may change when we all go to work tomorrow. He has started eating well, is drinking and peeing, and using the leg more than he should. I have great hopes for a wonderful recovery.

Saturday Tacey's Basketball Team played the other half of the Sugar-Salem team. She came out with a few injuries. A not-skinny girl stepped on her leg and her finger. (That's her in the above picture.) In the end they lost by one point but I think they cheated because at the half, they used girls from their other team so they went from a 6 girl team to an 11 girl team. They know we are better than they are. . .
Only one more game - they have a buy next week. We are going to have to look for some opportunities for her to keep playing.
Dallin had a game later in the day. He is really becoming a good screen-setter. Maybe it is genetic! He shot a few baskets that didn't go in, but the fact that he is shooting is good. In the end his team WON!
McCade had a game at the same time Tacey did, so I don't have any pictures of the actual game, but this is the after-effect. He got a finger (not his own - it belonged to someone else) in his eye and it got scratched. His team got whomped. He really thinks he should wear an eye patch to protect it. Shane agrees; we don't want it to get infected right now. McCade could not be MORE excited at the prospect of wearing an eye patch to school. He thinks it will be 'soooooo coool'. I think it will give him a headache. I am also concerned he will talk in 'pirate talk' all day and drive his teacher nuts.

Koda is not being a good patient and is not taking it easy. It is nice to see his personality back. I think even with the leg in post-surgery mode, he feels better than he did before. I am hopeful.
Here's to hoping these stitches stay in until the Vet takes them out!
On another note. . .
Shane taught the boys how to text message this weekend. McCade has really taken to it. ( Go figure!) I have received 100 text messages in the last 24 hours, most of them from McCade. Most of them say 'p.s. this is from mac' at the end. Good thing I long ago added unlimited texting to my phone plan - thanks to Tacey. On the up side, it has been quiet as both of the boys took a phone and have been texting each other instead of talking - which inevitably leads to fighting. I was enjoying the peace until I realized the texts said things like 'your dead meat'. (bad spelling noted and included). *sigh* When are they going to get along?
Have a happy week!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The HUMOR of it all

So, sometimes it doesn't feel like there is much to laugh at; especially in the middle of a cold, icy winter with little heat and even less sunshine. Sometimes the events of daily life are just plain mundane, and you want something different. Then there are those few days that feel a little bit better because the humor of it all rises to the surface.

Last weekend was one of those times.

On Thursday morning - the last day of the Semester - Tacey was complaining that next semester she would have to take P.E. Normally I think 'HA HA! EVERYONE has to take stupid Junior High P.E. I did it, your Dad did it, it is just something we ALL have to do.' But after she left for the school day, I got to thinking about the amount of physical activity she already has in her schedule. Then I thought about how much I worry about keeping her healthy; getting her to eat and whatnot. I decided that it wasn't just that she thought the class was going to be stupid, but that there really was a good reason for her not to take the class. In addition, her Dad had been a visual art major for a time and is definitely talented in that area. Tacey had taken her first Art Class last semester and really enjoyed it and I was thinking that she needed more opportunity to explore Art and see if it is something she not only enjoys, but also excels at. So on Friday when the kids were off but the teachers were working (finishing grades and things like that), I went to the school and talked to the Art Teacher to see what class she had the same hour Tacey was supposed to have P.E. She had a 7th grade Art Class, which was a good thing because Tacey had already had the 8th Grade curriculum, so the 7th Grade curriculum would give her a chance to do different things. The teacher agreed to let her in, so then I went to the counsellor and talked to her.

I told her I was fearing for Tacey's physical health with the amount of things she did after school, and asked if there was a way she could use those for a P.E. credit. If I perhaps Home Schooled her in P.E. and had her dance teachers, basketball coach and boss sign papers giving her credit for everything else she did. She agreed that Tacey didn't need any additional exercise, and I learned that in the State of Idaho I can legally home school my child in any subject I want to. We then talked to the Principal, and the only requirement in Junior High for Home Schooling a kid in a subject is just to write a letter stating that I am doing just that!

When Tacey found out that she wouldn't have to take P.E. she was extremely excited. Then when I told her she was officially a Home Schooled child now she stopped, looked thoughtful for a brief part of a second then said;

"Wow, I hope being Home Schooled doesn't make me socially awkward!"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was Fridays funny.

Saturday's funny came in the form of that young man with his tongue stuck to the frozen pole. You can look at last weeks post for that one. It is a classic.

Sunday's funny was all me.

I have to say AGAIN that I am Mexican, and therefore not responsible or the fact I cannot make bread! Mexicans make tortillas, not things with yeast. I won't mention the fact that I am not very good at tortillas either; but bread is DEFINITELY a thing I can't do; not even in a breadmaker.

I do attempt though. I am determined to get it at some point. I have a breadmaker; which is supposed to be idiot proof. I don't know if the fact i can't make bread in it is a reflection on me or the breadmaker or both. It had been quite awhile since I had attempted this feat, and church is late in the day, so I put the ingredients in the breadmaker, in the proper order, and set the timer. I was excited when I got home from church because it SMELLED SO GOOD! I thought maybe I had been lucky. I looked in the breadmaker and all I saw was a cooked ball of very dense bread - it had not risen AT ALL. I sent my Mom a picture as proof of my inability, and she laughingly asked me if I had remembered to put the yeast in. Of course I did! I have a Master's Degree! I can read a silly recipe! On closer inspection I found out that not only should my yeast have been kept in the fridge or freezer, it had expired in 2003. So, even though I had out the yeast in there, it didn't do any good as it was dead. Go me. I have to say it tasted awesome and the little teeny loaf gave us all a good laugh.

I tried to make bread again today, it must have looked good at some point, but by the time I got home, the top had 'deflated' and the bubbles in the bread were really big. I am not sure what that means other than what I said before;

If a product requires yeast, I probably can't make it - even with a machine that does all the work for me.


An Awesome Basketball Day!

It was a big day of Basketball yesterday! McCade again played a game of full-body contact basketball! Here he is dribbling. . .
Stealing the ball
trying to stay open to get the ball - sorry this is blurry - I kinda did that all day. I don't know if it was me or the kids - but I guarantee they did not hold still while they were doing this. By the way - this should have been a foul, but it wasn't called.

This is McCade making a basket!!! In the end they did win - it was the first win for the season so it was AWESOME!

Later in the day Tacey had her game - and she was really under the weather. It didn't keep her from playing her best though!
She is the best screen-setter on her team. This one is also a bit blurry - don't know if it was the situation, the camera or the camera operator! In the end they also won - and beat their NEMESIS - the Sugar-Salem Diggers. In the regular school season they always beat them by like 20 points, and we as parents KNEW they could do so much better. It was cool to see them do what we knew they could!
Dallin also had an amazing game - he made a basket that surprised both me and him - which is why there are no pictures of it, and had two really good steals that I DID get pictures of!
First one, and second one!

In the end they tied - which in my world is a victory, so all-in-all



Sunday, January 17, 2010

Don't put your tongue on a frozen pole! DUH!

It was eventful weekend - for me it began with McCade's Basketball game. He did a GREAT job. This is him stealing the ball.

He always goes for the ball, and isn't afraid of falling, so he spends a lot of time on the floor - like this! I told him not to get up and dribble. He did anyway and was called for travelling. He didn't do it again.

Shooting a fould shot. It didn't go in. We need to work on those. The basket is really far up there for a short little guy!

Showing some mad dribbling skills!

Shooting fromt eh field and MAKING it!!! WAHHHH-HOOOOOO!!!

Tacey played for her Bonneville league team. She's really improved this year. You can really see the difference in how she is moving in these pictures when you compare them to the begining of the season for school!

Look! Her feet aren't even on the ground in EITHER picture!

She played point guard all day and made a basket that swished BIG TIME. It was almost a 3 pointer; if her feet had been back another 4 inches it would have been!

Maybe we should call her Diva Defense!

Dallin went with Shane and the Boy Scouts from church snoe-shoeing. I don't have any pictures of Dallin, but this is a picture of his favorite event of the day! This guy is not only 17 years old, he is a member of the National Honor Society AND an Eagle Scout.

Dallin did amazing job, not only did he keep up with all the guys who were much bigger and older, he was the leader on the hike! Go him! He is an AWESOME scout!
Oh, and I have been offically granted the temporary title of 'Coolest Mom ever' by my daughter. I figure after the many hours of dance a week, AND basketball practice, AND basketball games, AND working as a basketball referee - I think adding a PE class to that is just overkill. Its not like she would learing anything major - it's Junior High PE. SO, I am now, OFFICIALLY a homeshooling Mom! I am Homeschool my daughter in PE. She is taking an Art class in it's place. She couldn't be happier!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

After Christmas Festivities

After Christmas we kept up the same busy pace we had established BEFORE the big holiday. We took a trip to Disneyland - a big group of 16 of us! We weren't the only ones in a large group that day - Disneyland actually sold out that day! On a day like that that you can usually expect to ride only 4 or 5 rides, but in this case, as we are long time experts and we have the secret weapon known as ANDREA - we got in EVERYTHING we wanted to do!
Dallin with Grandma and Grandpa
McCade with Grandma and Grandpa
Tacey with Grandma and Grandpa

Haley - with her 'First Trip to Disneyland' button. Everyone must be turned into a die hard Disney fan before their 2nd birthday!

Our first stop was the Indiana Jones ride and we were again the lucky people to get to measure the time in line!!!!! Well, McCade was the lucky one!

We got bored in line - and took fun pictures. This is my Mom making out with an Asian God of some sort!

McCade being eaten by a snake

Mom and Andrea as the models they are!

After the ride we met up with my cousin Kam - star of many gossip TV shows. He was working that day as a VIP tour guide. This particular he was going to look like a Secret Service agent and take care of a certain Disney-created Starlet whom I can't mention. Lets just say that we now have a personal connection to Musicals of a more Specific High School type.

Isn't this picture AWESOME! This is everyone waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean!

We got lost on Tom Sawyer Island!

Captured on Tom Sawyer Island - those nasty Pirates!

Poor Haley missed all her naps, but took little ones when she could!

All 16 of us - points to you if you can name us all!

And again, I LOVE my new camera. Okay, so I have the Mickey Garland, the frosty, cake-like castle with Walt Disney himself standing in the doorway!
By this point in time, Haley had given up entirely. . .
The Fireworks were as awesome as usual
after one day to recuperate, we did the Zoo again!
Big monkey. . .
Big SCARY monkey!!!!!!
These are traditional photo spots for me. One day, probably far away, I will put all of the photos I have of the kids in chronological order in one book! tee-hee! McCade
McCade being attacked by a baby gorilla

Dallin & Tacey with miniture gorillas!
Still fighting that SAME gorilla!!!!
McCade was the navigator for the day - not always a smooth thing. . . so he sometimes need help.
And we love the new Elephant Odyssey!

Tacey & Dallin trying on Elephant tracking collars.

Tacey as Bird Food.

Dallin as bird food.

McCade taking a ride.
Actually, I have to say that on this trip, we took some amazing animal pictures. I think Tacey and I might have to enter some of them in the FAIR!!