Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am now officially a trend setter!

This is Dallin's new fashion statement; he apparently wanted to be just like his mother!Yes, Dallin is wearing a boot like mine, only smaller. I have often told my boys to quit wearing their socks so they have an inch or two of sock flopping off of their feet. I warned them someone was going to get hurt and break something. As usual, they did not listen. They were both wearing their socks 'floppy', and messing with each other when McCade stepped on the floppy part of Dallin's left sock, (this was an accident), causing Dallin to stumble backwards and catch himself with his right foot. He screamed and yelped; I thought he had just twisted it. However, after 30 minutes of what was obviously intense pain, I took him in. At first they thought it was just a bad sprain, but 24 hours later the radiologist called the clinic and told them Dallin had greenstick fractures on the second and third bone in his foot. Now he gets to wear this for four to six weeks. On the upside, he can take it off and go swimming. (That is very important to a nine year old in the summer!) On the other upside; it is nice, as a mother, to have your children prove you right.

In another streak of good timing, Dallin finished his baseball games the Thursday before. This is his team; they were the Mariners. Dallin is fourth from the left in the front.

This is the baseball kid!

Dallin in his batting stance.
This is one of his best buddies; Byron. He was also on his team.

Mac and Tacey are still playing ball, so we are still at the park a great deal of the week. Enjoy the video!

McCade playing first base.

McCade batting. I personally enjoy him hitting home plate with the bat.

The softball queen, playing her game.

Have a nice day!


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quick One

Do you know why this Snowman is smiling? Because he could live here with ABSOLUTELY NO FEAR of losing his life. It snowed last night. With this June snowfall it means it has now snowed at least one day of each of the last ten months.

This is a quick post; we are all well. I am up to my hairline in stress; Thesis being due on Friday. We are playing lots of baseball and softball, wishing it would warm up.


Monday, June 2, 2008

Baseball, Softball etc.

Tonight was one of those nights where I needed to be two places at once; it seems to happen alot with all three kids playing sports. Mac and Tacey had games at the same time. I looked at the schedule with the kids and we collectively decided that I would go to Mac's game tonight and Tacey's next time. Anyway. . . Mac hit onto base twice, struck out once and caught a beautiful pop fly to get the hitter out when he was playing short stop. His team lost 15-7.

I did make it to the end of Tacey's game; she was catching (and doing a pretty good job at it). She said she did hit and made a run. Her favorite part when she was batting, strangely enough, was when the pitcher threw the ball and hit her in the hiney. (She likes to brag about her war wounds. . . ) I thought it was pretty good to actually hit her hiney, since she really doesn't have one. That particular wound balances out where she got hit in the stomach when she was pitching to the Junior Girls team at practice this morning; the team she Assistant Coaches. The little girl who hit her felt really bad, Tacey said that one didn't hurt but the one on her hiney did. She also played first base and catcher. They usually shuffle the girls around so they get experience playing different positions, but except for the one inning she played first base, she was catching. From what I saw they would have had alot more outs if the girls playing the bases had been really watching the game. Either way they won 19-18, and got free ice cream from their sponsor; who just happens to be restaurant. Tacey got the ice cream gene from all of her great-grandpas, grandpa and dad, so now she especially motivated. . . .

I think that is it!