Thursday, November 20, 2008

How long has this been going on. . .

Here it is, almost Thanksgiving and I have posted no new pictures or updates; shame on me. So Lets see. . . what has been consuming our time. . .
Shane is working very hard - he had to go back to New York, we were both sad I couldn't go with him.
Dallin has his days consumed with 4th grade, tap dance lessons, GT (Gifted and Talented Education), Weblos and Apangea. Apangea is an online computer math program that lets kids work and go as fast and as far in math as they want. He can work at school as well as home. There were only a handful of kids NOT in Junior High School that were allowed to participate.
McCade is consumed with 3rd grade, tap dance lessons, Wolves and the IFYAC fall show titled "A Night on Broadway".
Tacey has the 7th grade (and all of those inherent problems), 5 dance classes (which she hasn't actually had time to go to in the last 1 1/2 months), the 7th grade girls Basketball team (which WON!!!!! on Tuesday), the IFYAC show and the constant function of her fingers as she has a obscene texting habit.
I have been up to my ears in my three jobs, not to mention actually taking care of my family!!!!

The IFYAC show was something I got myself involved in; me and my opinionated, big mouth. Anyway, I had 6 rehearsals to put together a musical revue that actually made sense and was of a quality people would actually pay to come to see, using the membership of the Idaho Falls Youth Arts Council. I have to say, all things considered, it did come together. The individual numbers went off pretty much exactly as I had expected them to, the only UNFORESEEN glitch in the process was a mass case of stage fright that gripped about half of the people who had been assigned Narrations. Regardless, the organization sold substantially more tickets than they had planned on. In addition, it made them a nice amount of money to help fill up the checkbook.
This little event also involved Tacey who played Chava in the section that was an 'Ode to Fiddler on the Roof' (which means she and two other girls did the song 'Matchmaker' and the scene around that.) McCade was just his cute little completely reserved and full of stage presence self and sang his 'Gary, Indiana' in the Music Man section. He was a big hit.

Now we are looking forward to Jazz Basketball, and I will be auditioning people for and getting ready to direct the show out at Jefferson Montessori. It should be fun.

I think the biggest victim in all our craziness is Koda, who thinks his family has abandoned him . . .

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Well, lets see. . .
The kids had NO SCHOOL today. They called it a teacher workday; it is the end of the quarter and they needed time to put in grades and what not. *WHATEVER!* I think they just didn't want to deal with a bunch of very excited children!
Anyway. . .
We had our traditional pizza dinner, the headed to the Trunk-or-Treat sponsored by the PTA. It was there that I remembered that I forgot to take their pictures at home! So this year everyone gets to see them in their costumes with a beautiful parking lot background!
Tacey decided to adopt my favorite college costume this year and went as Roadkill.
Tacey's injuries up close.
Tacey as roadkill. Didn't know that motorized vehicles ran in her Grandmother's front room, but there you go!
I think the cell phone hanging out of her pocket is a nice effect.
Dallin as Commander Rex from Star Wars Clone Wars
We noticed after the fact that the mask/helmet had no allowance for anyone to have a nose. His nose left a big print on the mask and was a red and squished at the end of the night. He totally didn't care. Ah, to be that young again. . .
(Actually it brings back a memory of crying while in my Raggedy Ann costume when I was little as my Dad wrapped Red electrical tape around my socks so they would be appropriately striped. I think Dallin handled the pain of an awesome costume better than I did.)
McCade as a Race car driver. We aren't into racing, so I don't know which one he is - I think he is Dale Earnhardt Jr. but I could be mistaken.
As I was saying (or typing) we did the Trunk-or-Treat then hit the most 'kid' populated neighborhoods; we also took along Wyatt their cousin.
Tacey and I had a favorite costume(s) that night. There was a little girl, possibly kindergarten or first grade who was Little Red Ridinghood. She had a sister that wasn't a whole lot older who went as Granny, complete with metal walker, and then their Dad was the Big Bad Wolf. It was SO cute!
As usual I overbought in the Candy department. I don't know why I bother; we are never home so we never give any out! But then we all know I would stop eating chocolate, but I am NOT A QUITTER!
This is a final funny for you - this is McCade putting on his helmet. This is a second replay. He did it once, but of course I didn't have the camera running, so we made him do it again.
What would we do without him in our family?

Happy Halloween!