Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Madness. . . Our way!

Both Tacey & McCade played a lot of Basketball the last few days. Tacey had THREE, yes - count them THREE - games on Thursday. The first was against a team that had been together forever, hand picked, played over 100 games this year already. They lost to them, but by only a few points. They don't let things like that get them down, they learn and go on - that's what i like best about their team.
Then they played the 7th grade team from their school. It appeared to be a situation where they had been set up to lose. After this really hard team, they had to play the 7th graders with absolutely no break between games. The 7th graders spent the season talking 'meanness' to the 8th graders because the 8th graders had a 50/50 record and the 7th graders were undefeated. Now here they were, about to play them under the worst of circumstances. In the end. . . THEY KICKED SOME 7th GRADE BUTT! By a nice 9 pts!
Then they played again 2 hours later. They lost that game - they played well, but it was VERY clear they were very tired. Tacey inherited her Dad's habit of playing ball with her tongue out. . .
McCade had a game on Saturday, and the first shot got stuck like this!

He didn't play a whole lot, but he did learn some good fundamentals - like screen setting.
He stayed on his feet MUCH better, but when he did slide on the ground he made it worth it and took another kid, from the opposing team, down with him.
Tacey had her last game on Friday night. They played and won, what I like best is they ALWAYS look happy & smiling like this - no matter the situation. They had several comments that they were so relaxed and looked like they were having SO much fun. They were, and they do!
McCade played 2 games the next day. He tried to get the ball every chance he got.

He improved a lot, even if he didn't play a lot.

Not that I have forgotten Dallin, but he was camping with Shane and the Scouts, so I don't have any pictures!!!!! He is doing VERY well in Scouts. We should have everything required completed for his Eagle BEFORE he is 12!