Monday, April 15, 2013

Drops, can't find the drops. . .

I am still trying to count my drops of awesome, but I haven't done so well at that the last few days.
So, maybe if I am publicly accountable I will do better.

I remembered to buy Tacey treats for her ACT test.
Drop of Awesome
I also remembered to put oils on her feet the night before so she would sleep well and be relaxed.
Drop of Awesome
I also got up at 6:30. ON. A. SATURDAY.
She wanted Chorizo and Eggs for breakfast before the ACT.
I did that, with homemade Tortillas.
Several drops of Awesome.
I sat through McCade's Dress Rehearsal for the Talent Show.
Yeah, lots of drops there.
It was a show, but there wasn't all that much talent.
Lots of drops.
I bought him a new shirt so he would feel confident.
Drop of Awesome.
I put oils on everyone's feet at least once this week.
4 people, 2 feet each
That is at least 
8 Drops of Awesome
But I did some of them more than once, so it is really more than that.

Okay, I feel better now.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Just a movie

It has been a week of Mondays.
The best part of this week was watching McCade sing in his school talent show.
He completely killed it.
So, here is the video.

The sound system in the Gym is less than superb.
But you can see his performance level and get that he can sing.

And here is one of my students.



Sunday, April 7, 2013

We are running. ..

We are running.
It might be the massive amounts of Easter candy we have been eating.
Tacey is occupied with ACTs, SATs, catching up on her schoolwork from a big year of cheerleading, and looking forward to prom.
She is also learning big lessons about loving friends in spite of their actions.
McCade tried out for the school talent show; he sang better there than he did at home.
Weird, I know.
I anticipate he will be asked to participate in the show.
Video will come later.
Dallin and McCade are both running Track this year.
They had two days of practice and then a meet.
They were very sore! But my essential oils fixed them right up!

It was a fairly unorganized event.
Dallin missed running in the 100m dash because he was signing up for the long jump, which they called at exactly the same time.
He was upset.
McCade completely missed the triple jump because it was at the same time as the 4x400m relay.
Neither of them did as well as they had previously done on the 400 because they ran it as a waterfall start instead of in heats. 
So Dallin was feeling pretty bad.
Fortunately, they were both on the same 4x400m relay team.
Fortunately, that is always the last race run at the meet.
Unfortunately, that means I get to sit there the ENTIRE meet.
And track is just as cold as football.
They ran the 3rd & 4th legs of the race.
They had a bad first leg, that runner didn't do so well.
The second leg repaired some of the damage.
Dallin and McCade continued repairing the damage, and their relay came in a respectable second.


McCade also ran the 200m leg of the medley, but they started the Track Meet early, and that is the very first relay so we missed it. 

I was not happy about that.

I watched Dallin get stressed out and not know what to do when they called two of his events at once. I am trying really hard to break my old habits and let them grow up. I cannot tell you how badly I wanted to go down and fix the problem for him. But the time has come for all my kids to take care of some of these thing themselves. Yeah, he missed a race. But it is better to learn how to deal with unexpected situations and think on your feet at a practice track meet when you are 14, then to miss an important job interview when you are an adult. 
It does kill me to watch them struggle though.

Dallin did his personal worst on the 400m, between the emotional upset and the waterfall start I was just glad he hot his head back in the game. He was still very fast though.

McCade was only slightly behind.
He is running pretty well for a kid that begged me to get him crutches after the first day of practice.

Finally, we had the 4x400m
Mac took the handoff.

And he ran.

And handed off the baton to his brother. 
Pay attention to this next picture. . . 

See the small miracle?
The two bothers working together?
Yeah, that was the best part of the track meet.

And Dallin took off.

This is my second favorite picture.
McCade is cheering on his brother.

This week we have another Track Meet, the talent show and the ACT.

We will continue running.