Saturday, August 30, 2008


Tacey is running Cross Country this year, and they participated in what is known as the Mud Run today. It took place at an area that has a lot of sand dunes. They ran up and down big sand dunes, across creeks and through a large area of mud the organizers had so thoughtfully created for them. She did really well and I am very proud of her. She finshed second out of the girls in her school. Overall she was in the top 20 girls. All of this I felt was very good for someone who had only been running 2 weeks and was running against over a hundred other girls. Some of these other girls have been running for the last 2 years. All in all; a good day!
Before the mud!

One of the many large sand dunes she had to run.
They also had barracades of hay bails they had to run over at the top as well as more boards to go under throughout the course.


They had to run through this THREE times and there was as much of this mud behind me as there is in this picture.

That is Tacey coming around the back there for her second time through the mud.

She was a real trooper. If you listen you can hear her coach and the organizer discussing her great sportsmanship! (Which we all know is the most important part of ANY sport.)

Tacey going underneath the barracade for the last time.


I told her to dive across the finish line to improve her time, but she settled for collapsing on her hiney.

This is after the mud; look at those shoes! They had COLD showers the kids could sort of clean up in, but as you can see the mud creeped into small places and stayed. Like in Tacey's socks!

It was a hot day - about 90 degrees, so a lot of cold water after that run felt really good. She has her first real meet on Thursday - we will let you know how it goes!

Happy Labor Day!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


As you have learned from this blog, we do ALOT of Cub Scouts. Our boys LOVE it! We had pack meeting last night, and as usual we were awarded tons of stuff for our lots of effort. The biggest award of the night was McCade completing his Wolf rank.

However, there are numerous things we have done. Here is the tally as it stands as of today;

Dallin: Wolf plus 1 gold arrow and 8 silver arrows. Bear plus 1 gold arrow and 6 silver arrows. The Leave No Trace, Concervation, Outdoor Activity, Summertime Pack and Spiritual Square Knot patches. 18 Academic and Athletics Belt Loops and 11 Academic and Athletics Pins.

McCade: Wolf plus 1 gold arrow and 6 silver arrows. The Leave No Trace, Outdoor Activity and Spiritual Square Knots patches. 14 Academic and Athletics Belt Loops and 10 Academic and Athletic pins.

Whoo-hoo! Way To GO!

I mentioned we took Koda to go visit Ben and Laura's dog Rufus when we went to visit them and little Haley-Bop. We took Rufus a present because it is hard to be replaced as the baby in the family, and as you can see we chose wisely! He loves it and sleeps hugging it. Funny dog.

And last, but certainly not least, I GOT A JOB! I am the Faculty Member in charge of DRAMA at a private school in the area. I am VERY excited. More on that as events merit!

Look for more funny stories and pictures; Tacey in running Cross Country, and Dallin and McCade are playing Flag Football. It should be interesting!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Meet Haley again!

We took a trip out to Ben and Laura's house today to see Grandma and Haley. Boy, that makes it sound like Ben and Laura don't merit a trip of their own! We do love them too. . . Dallin and McCade hadn't met Haley in person yet; I thought they might get bored and cause problems at the hospital. We also took Koda (our dog) to see his buddy Rufus (their dog). Poor Rufus is feeling a little displaced so we hoped Koda would be able to cheer him up. On the way there we stopped at PetSmart to stock up on doggie supplies. Koda gets to go in this store, which really makes him happy. However, the highly waxed floor makes traction with his little doggie feet difficult.

The kids thought this was VERY funny.

McCade thought his new cousin was cute, and fun to hold; but he thought their pet rats were more fun to hold. Dallin also thought Haley was fun to hold, but really showed interest in her when I woke her up so I could see her eyes. He thought she was great fun then! Tacey is contemplating trying to move in as a full-time Nanny so she can hold her all the time. So, as I am ALWAYS armed with my camera, here are some cute pictures of the boys and Haley.

Dallin and Haley.

McCade and Haley.

Maybe I should have taken pictures of him with the pet rats. . .

Have a great day!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of School 2008-9

With the traditional nerves, all three kids went happily off to school today. McCade has moved from one school to another and was extremely concerned that he didn't know where things were or what the schedule was. He was extremely happy to have a big brother to help show him the way. Dallin was enjoying the role, but was also a bit nervous. Tacey ran off excited to see her friends (like she hadn't been seeing them several times a week all summer!). I, with the help of my Mom, made cupcakes for afterschool. Here are the pictures of the morning. . .
Tacey exposing her inner supermodel

Speaking of supermodels, Mac looks like he is posing too. . .

Dallin, the handsome young man.

As you know, a vital part of the first day of school is how you are dressed.

Tacey rocked the current trend of plaid shorts.

Dallin showed school spirit by wearing Shelley colors; red black and white.

Mac was in his traditional green and orange; fits his personality.

Tacey will be staying afterschool to decorate her new locker, and try out for the Volleyball team. She's never played on a Volleyball team, but in P.E. everyone said she was good at it, so she decided to try because it wouldn't break her heart if she didn't make it. She is going to just go have fun and see what happens.

Dallin and Mac have been working hard on cub scouts. I'll have an official tally early next week, and let you know all the things they've accomplished.

Have a GREAT Day!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New one today. . .

My Mom showed up today to help Laura and Ben with new little Haley, so we got to go visit again. I am posting this merely because it is a good picture!
Tomorrow is the first day of school. . . .
I am sad.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not much 'til now

Okay, so we have just been hangin' around, so there hasn't been much to post - with the exception of this movie the kids made based on their Dad's legendary 'Search for Falling Rock'.

HMMMMM. . . looking at it again, it is easy to see the natural tendancies toward performance in the kids. Wonder where they get it?
But then today we got a new Niece/Cousin - Haley Louise Thomas born August 12th, as an Anniversary present for her parents. She was a tiny baby only 6lbs. 4.75 oz and 20 inches. Laura had some problems as a result of the delivery, so it probably good she is teeny. I, per usual, took a BUNCH of pictures, and THEN they gave me the password for their blog! (MUAH-HAH-HA!). So I will also post a bunch of stuff on their blog; feel free to visit it to see my abuse of power!

Tacey and Haley

On a sad note. . . I would like to mention that a good friend of the family, Pricilla passed away last week. Our hearts are with everyone she was close to.

School starts on Thursday. I, as always, have had fun with the kids this summer, so I am always sad to see that end. But it should add some new things to post!

That's it for now!