Sunday, October 25, 2009

No pictures??????

Okay, so this MUST have been a random week and I MUST have been sick, because I honestly went an entire week without taking a picture. Weird, I KNOW! Tacey and McCade were down with the flu last weekend, and Shane, Dallin and I followed suit on Tuesday night. Actually, I think Shane was sick before Tacey & McCade, he just didn't succumb to it until Tuesday. We didn't get OFFICIALLY diagnosed, but I am fairly certain it was pig flu. All of the guys Shane works with have been diagnosed as having pig flu, all of Tacey's friends have pig flu, what other flu is going around? We had some interesting projectile vomiting, and I didn't think it was pig flu at first because it doesn't make you barf, but THEN I found out that some people do experience vomiting with it. Well, since I seem to have a house of tender-tummies, OF COURSE we would get the vomiting!

So, here is a random side thought. Why is it kids ALWAYS barf at 12:30 am? Why do they have such bad aim? Why can they hit everything ELSE in the bathroom and completely miss the toilet bowl? I mean, seriously. Not to go into details, but these are the things I contemplate while cleaning off light fixtures and walls and what not.

Anyway, that is probably the reason for not a lot of; well actually NO pictures this week.

Lets see, Tacey kept up her busy dancing/basketball schedule post-flu. Dallin spent the middle of the week in bed with pig flu, we were grateful he didn't have a football party while he was sick. McCade seems to be begining to understand that he can't lie, or do half a job and get away with it. That is NOT to say that we are not still fighting the battle, but he seems to be jumping into compliance quicker now.

The biggest event of the week was the Halloween Carnival I was in charge of at church. I had decided to keep it easy, so we had Hot Dogs and Chips. Now, I know you are thinking of those little, yucky Hot Dogs you get at the grocery store. That is not what I got to feed everyone. I got FAMOUS NATHAN Hot Dogs. They were very yummy. I also got chips in individual bags; I can't eat out of a bag of chips after a kid has had their grubby, little dirty hands in there unless it is my own kid. We had photo booths, a spook alley, and a ton of games and trick or treating for the kids. All-in-all it was a big success. I was going to take pictures of everyone in their Halloween costumes, but in the stress of being in charge of the party, I forgot. I will get pictures on Saturday - as that is the REAL Halloween anyway. Tacey is going as Pink - The color, not the Rock Star. Dallin is Indiana Jones and McCade is the Crocodile Hunter. I was a bird.

OH! That brings me to one of the funny stories of the week. I was still battling the after effects of the flu, and not thinking very clearly, while I was wandering around Idaho Falls trying to find an Indiana Jones Whip. I was texting Andrea while on my journey, and she asked me why I was looking around, that I all REALLY needed to do was braid fabric. To which I answered, OF COURSE! So I went to the fabric store and picked out some fabric. I asked for 1/3 of a yard -just 12 inches. As I stood there, the lady that cuts the fabric asked me what I was doing, so I said 'Making an Indiana Jones whip." She stood there, looked at me, then at my fabric, and finally said. "How are you going to do that?" I explained that I was going to cut the fabric into 6 strips, then sew those together so I would have three very long strips and then I was going to braid it. I then took some bias tape and wrapped it around the end to make a handle. She thought I was AMAZINGLY creative when in actuality it was my sister who was amazingly creative.

I made the whip that night and it turned out AMAZING! Dallin found it the next morning and of course the first thing he did was try to whip his brother with it. I should give McCade permission to chase his brother with a snake on Halloween.

This upcoming week will include Tacey's first Basketball game and Halloween. Hopefully we can all continue to recover, and it will be a pandemic-free week.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

It was a crazy week

It was a crazy week, and I some how didn't manage to get pictures of all the stuff that happened. Monday was essentially normal; Tacey had another open Gym in preparation for Basketball tryouts. Dallin had football practice to prepare for the Semi-Final game the next night. And McCade, well. . . he finally figured out he was caught in the WHOPPER of a lie he'd been telling me for the last 2 weeks. Lets just say that is a good thing I communicate well with the kids' teachers, and that now "McCade and the Deltora Book" will be as epic a tale as "Jilana and the Clean Clothes". In a nutshell, McCade had been lying to me about reading a book over Harvest Break. Now, I am NOT dumb, and I knew he hadn't cracked the thing all week. He needed to take the test on the book to pass it off for the Accelerated Reader program at school, so I informed his teacher of his deception. He tried to get out of the test (Flunking it would have serious repercussions possibly eliminating him from a party at the end of the quarter). Eventually, he confessed to his teacher who recommended he confess to me as well. That afternoon he STILL continued to lie to me until I found it JUST SO FUNNY I laughed in his face as asked him if he wanted to reconsider his tall tales. He did confess at that point; I guess better late than never. We had a family council; McCade, Shane and I, and he will be feeling the punishment of this for several weeks.

Tuesday Tacey had open gym again, and Dallin had his game. It was intense. They played hard, they had a fumbleitis, and they sent an opposing player to the hospital.

At least they know how to hit! In the end, they lost the game in the last minute 20-24. They were a very sad bunch of 5th grade boys. Dallin did cry quite a bit; especially when he took his pads off for the last time. I think we finally found something (other than Legos and Video Games). I found out that the Idaho State University Football Coach and Team were holding a free football clinic on Thursday night. When asked if he wanted to go, he jumped on the chance to play some more and invited a couple of buddies to go with him.

Wednesday Tacey began tryouts for Basketball, and I found the 5th grade boys much easier to teach - they were VERY mellow. McCade was working on part of his punishment - cleaning the kitchen. When he was emptying the dishwasher he didn't take the time to put the dishes away in their proper places and had a Pyrex Measuring cup fall out of the cupboard and land on the bridge of his nose. I think he may have broken it, but it was straight and he could breathe, so we didn't take him to the hospital. He has walked around all week with a big 'ol bruised nose. I told him that his Great-Grandma would say that was just Heavenly Father's way of punishing him for lying to me. I mean, seriously, it was his fault: if he hadn't lied, I wouldn't have made him do the dishes, and he wouldn't have had the measuring cup fall on his face. Gotta love the cause and effect!

Thursday was a bit of a juggling act, as we had to get Dallin and his friends to football camp in Pocatello while picking up Tacey from the last day of Basketball Tryouts. Normally I could have had anyone pick her up, but as THIS was the day she found out whether or not she made the team, it was VERY important that there was either a Mom or Dad there for her.

Shane took Dallin and 2 of his friends and I waited, stressed out, for Tacey. She went in to meet with the coach, and came out jumping - so it was obviously good news. Dallin had a GREAT time at Football Camp. All-in-all a good day for everyone (except McCade who was stuck in a chair reading the book he'd lied about reading and doing chores). I found out later that McCade had wanted to go to Football Camp as well, but when we are being punished we can't do fun things!

On Friday Tacey had her first practice and was VERY sore. The boys made desserts for a church activity, and then Tacey spent the night vomiting all over. McCade woke up complaining about the same symptoms. Dallin was fine and he was a GREAT helper for both parents all day as we tackled both the inside and outside of the house. Dallin also managed to finish the last thing on his Arrow of Light. I can now recite (as can he)

A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent.



Monday, October 12, 2009

Dallin's Birthday Present

On Saturday, everyone EXCEPT me went out to play with Dallin's Birthday Present. (I stayed home by choice, it's amazing how much cleaning you can get done when no one is around!) I understand Tacey and McCade took most of these pictures. There were seriously over 75 of them. Most of them were ones Tacey took of herself while making faces. But here we go!

The Shotgun is still heavy for the boys, so Shane jimmy-rigged something to help them out. This is Dallin using his new present.
Shane and Dallin.
McCade & Shane.
Shane with a watchful eye - that is Dallin.
Dallin the Marksman.

Reloading - Shane, Dallin & McCade.
VERY watchful eye over McCade.
Tacey - a REAL woman.
I think Dallin really likes his present. I think they also had a lot of fun even though it was VERY cold!

Catching up. . .

There were a bunch of pictures I promised I would scan in, and I FINALLY got around to it! Here they are?

This is Me and Tacey at the Rise Up and Sing music camp we went to this summer - I went as a teacher, she went as a student. It was an awesome week!
Tacey and her Ballroom partner Jace Wheeler.
Tacey in her Jazz Costume
Tacey in her Technique costume.
Dallin in his tap costume.
McCade in his Tap Costume.
Tacey in her Tap costume.
Tacey in her Ballet Costume.
Tacey in her Basketball picture.
Tacey in her Cross Country picture.

Tacey in her City League Softball Picture. (She played in two leagues this summer.)

.McCade in his Baseball Picture. Dallin in his Baseball Picture.

Okay! Now I think you are all caught up!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just a note. . .

I had a weird week. I got both Tacey & Dallin birthdays posted today, but Tacey's was started on her borthday, so it is BEFORE some of the posts you have seen before. Don't forget to check out BOTH of them.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Dallin"s 11th Birthday!

Well, for Dallin's Birthday I took him and some of his buddies bowling. Tacey and McCade got to go along by default. This is Dallin bowling. He didn't do too bad.
This is McCade. He obivously had a form all his own.
This is Dallin's friend Matt. Matt had given up and was going for complete fun, not points.
This blur is Tacey. I am not sure why she launched the ball so far away from the lane. *Whatever*
This is the group. we have Ben, McCade, Isaac, Matt, Dallin, Byron & Tacey. A crazy bunch of kids.
Byron is usually a pretty good bowler I guess, but he was having an off day. This was his reaction to finally bowling a spare.
I told Byronit was okay if he bowled badly, they had a playoff game for the football team in just two days, so he was just saving his GOOD luck for then.
I didn't do the 'cake thing' when we took everyone out. I did buy a brownie sundae so they could sing to him after they ate lunch. They looked like a bunch of pirahna!
As with Tacey's friends I made them pose for pictures! This is the 'football guys' plus McCade signalling the point is GOOD!
Cool Dudes!
Even cooler Dudes.
Just hangin', bein' cool.
This is Dallin and his Triple-Fudge with Milk Chocolate Frosting Birthday Cake! He wrote his own name on his cake. All those Scout Blue and Gold Banquets are paying off.
This is the singing and candle blowing!
This is Dallin's Big Birthday Present. His Dad bought it for him. Yes, it is real. No, it does NOT live in his room.
All in all, I think he had a great day!

Friday, October 2, 2009

First Pointe Shoes. . .

Well, the time has come, and we OFFICIALLY now hove a Ballerine 'en Pointe' at our house. It is a tricky thing, getting pointe shoes. They need to be snug, but not too snug; they need to be stiff, but not too stiff; your foot needs to be able to move, but not in the wrong ways. First Pointe shoe fittings are VERY important. Tacey had her fitting on Tuesday.

Lots of Shoes to try on! Seriously, I can't think of many things that are potentially MORE painful than a pair of ill-fitting Pointe shoes. . .

Lots of shoes. Good thing they are pink - her FAVORITE color!

We had a nice girl helping. She really took a lot of time with Tacey.

She also mentioned that she could see Tacey was ready, because she didn't wobble when she went up on her toes.

MORE SHOES!!!!!!!!


She first put them on at the end of Ballet Class on Thursday (her big 'ol 14th Birthday). She got help from an expert - her very nice, very cute teacher.

She helped her through barre work making sure she had good technique so she didn't get hurt.

Checking those feet, as well as her leg and hip alignments.

More help.

On her own!

It won't be too long before she's 'clomping' all over the dance floor in her shoes. I think she was glad she didn't have to dance more than about 15 minutes in them. They can REALLY hurt if you over-do it at first. It is an exciting, scary and painful time: the rite of passage for any Ballerina!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

All About Mac

Alright, so I put McCade in Gymnastics this summer. I thought it might be something he would enjoy. Was I ever RIGHT! He took some leesons at the dance studio this summer, and liked it so much we let him continue this fall. Now, I have to say that this IS a dance studio, not a 'real gym'. But, I know lots of former gymnasts that strated out at the local dance studios and recreation centers, then moved to a 'real gym' later. (Myself included). If her really gets into it, and decided it is something he wants to be serious about, we will move him, but in the meantime. . . here is what he has been up to. (Remember he has had like 4 or 5 classes. Don't expect AMAZING things - YET. . . )

Back bends - flexibility runs in the family!

Hand Stands. I have to say, I am a bit confused that they didn't start with headstands. *Whatever*

Forward Rolls

Backward Rolls

Round offs (kinda. . . )

Front Handsprings with his own personal flair.

Back handsprings, also with flair.

More instruction on back handsprings.

and more

Bar work. Swinging while adjusting grip

Strength exercises


Cast aways

Pullover, cast away, dismount.

He's working. He loves it. Keep you posted as he gets better. (His Mom is going to help him. . . WITHOUT a flyswatter. . . )