Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh, to be a Movie Star

Well, the last several weeks have been busy. More basketball, and basketball and basketball. Tacey began practice for her coed team, which added to her already busy schedule. Things should get really interesting when she starts rehearsal for the district musical. On the up side, by then I will be done with the musical I am directing so I will be home more. We are in the last two weeks. It is both stressful and exciting.
Here are some recent fun basketball pictures. . .

This is Dallin dribbling. I am not quite sure why McCade has his arms straight up in the air, but that is him behind Dallin. He is the only kid I know who purposely wears a long sleeve shirt to play basketball *whatever*.
This is one of two free throws McCade shot AND MADE! Pretty cool.
One of the few moments they are both out of the game. They look like brothers who actually get along in this picture.
The OTHER exciting stuff happened over Valentines weekend. We left Shelley Thursday night to go to Salt Lake City because the boys had been scheduled to be extras in a MOVIE! The working title is 'Snowmen', I heard that it is being produced by Mirage, and should have a PG rating. I don't know if that means it will be in theatres or go straight to video, but we had fun and learned alot. Most of all it was a long, cold day. We were outside filming in sub-freezing weather from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. BRRRRRRR. I thought 'Certainly they won't keep 9, 10 & 11 yr-old kids outside all day in this weather'. But, they did. Our only relief cam from sitting in a school bus. I had bought hand and foot warmers. I am SO glad I did. They really saved us.
Those two kids on the end in the black and gray coat with the blue stripe and the blue and black coat are McCade and Dallin, respectively.
This is from the top of the field they were shooting in. That tent is the tent the director stood in while filming was taking place. There were about 25-30 hired extras that day. However, for this particular scene, they pulled the 5th grade out of the school back there. They did alot of semi-choreographed cheering and running. All of these shots were for about 4 lines in the movie. They had at least 5 different cameras/camera angles they used and did each one about 5 times. It was tedious, tedious work. The kids were really cold. They were troopers on film, but alot of the extra kids were crying when they finally got done with this particular scene.About then, craft service showed up with Hot Chocolate and snacks. That was a good thing. This is Mac with one of the prop 'Snowmen'.Dallin with the same 'Snowman'.This is the field of 'Snowmen' the kids 'built' later in the day. They are made out of foam. It was funny to see all these fake snowmen in a field full of real snow. They sprayed all the 'Snowmen' with water and then sprinkled real snow on them. They also piled up real snow along the bottom to help them look real.This is Dallin resting and getting warm(?) on the bus while playing his PSP.McCade can't sit still - even in the cold. He played in the snow ALL DAY.This is the boys and all the other extras building their fake snowmen. That is Dallin all the way on the right. McCade is in the middle about 3 kids away from Dallin.
We were scheduled to work the next day, except we had a car accident on the way there. I am not going to say much, mainly because I am still upset about it. Lets start by saying NO ONE got hurt - except the car; it may totalled. I have officially given up even attempting to drive in snow. Shane must find a job that allows me to have a personal driver between November and March.

Hopefully the movie will be a success -