Sunday, February 28, 2010

The last two weeks. . .

As I said before, McCade got an Honorable Mention in the school storytelling competition, because of this, he got to tell his story in front of the school, and get his face on the front page of the local paper. He was feeling pretty cool wearing the body mic and all; too bad they know NOTHING about sound systems at the school. It didn't do much good. He looked good though! I tried loading the video - it just won't go! You will have to take my word for it - he is a very good storyteller!
The next day was his 10th birthday & he started the day by playing a very good basketball game. He was hoping that his team would win for his birthday, but no luck.

He made a bunch of the points for his team, so it was a good game for him. What more can you ask of a birthday?
Dallin also played, and has really gotten to where he can take the ball from whomever, whenever he wants! Yep, that is him with 4 of the 5 players from the other team on him. Actually, I think THIS shot was of a rebound.
This is a perfect example of Dallin's team spirit. He didn't make this particular basket, but it certainly looks like he did, doesn't it?

Ahh, yes, the following Thursday was Blue & Gold banquet. This year McCade & I decided to work together on a checkerboard cake. He baked the cakes, I put it together, and he decorated it. The outside had a blue & gold checkerboard, and M&M polka dots, the inside was peanut butter and chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and chocolate cake frosting.
Pretty darn cool, huh? We usually come home with a lot of cake but NOT THIS YEAR! Our cake was the highlight of the evening and we came home completely empty-handed.
Yesterday we played the last of the regular basketball games. We do have a tournament coming up, but today ended regular games.

Shooting a basket. This particular one didn't go in, but others did! That kid can seriously jump.
Full-contact basketball has its downside. Not sure what happened here, but he felt like his face was the victim.
McCade & Coach Keegan; planning strategy.
Stealing the ball!

The team; Tommy, Jack, Stockton, Jonah, Coach Keegan, Dawson & McCade.

Dallin getting instructions from his coach.
Stealing the ball - yep, that is him being AGGRESSIVE!

Okay, flip through these fast so you can see how it went. He totally took this ball away. It was GREAT!

Coach Barnes, Todd, Byron, Kaden, Rollin, Riley, Dallin, Kolby & Will
His coach has a really good sense of humor!
He was an amazing Coach & we are really grateful for how much he taught Dallin this year.
Have a great week!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The last two weeks. . .

Okay, so I admit it, and I apologize; not that anyone truly cares anyway. I missed a week of posting. My only excuse is a small case of Super Bowl fever. I say it was a small case because Dallin was watching the Super Bowl, but I was in the kitchen with friends talking (and eating). So, that weekend everyone had SOMETHING going on. Not that having every kid busy is that unusual either! The day began with McCade and his full body contact style basketball. This day we actually put knee pads on him, but with his skinny little legs we had to tape them on. (HAHA!) He needed elbow pads though. He ended up with a very big bump that was lots of funny colors. He still has it now, over a week later, I think he added to it last Saturday; he may have a deformed elbow now. On the up side, I do not need to worry about him when football season starts!
Getting the rebound! Tacey didn't actually have a game, but she did have a dance competition. Well, sort of. They were the exhibition team at a competition, but the sad/funny part was that her team had obviously better technique, and looked amazingly better then the rest of the teams. Good for them. . .
Alicia, Tacey & Skye! Dallin had a amazing game. I will start by saying they did lose, but they played AMAZING. Dallin really has improved.
Then during the week, we had good news that McCade had made the finals in the storytelling competition in his school. He worked VERY hard and we were really please with how he did. He ended up with an honorable mention. He gets to do his story again in front of the school, and I will tape it then. I am hoping I can get the video to upload! This Saturday started with McCade's game, he ended up with 13 trips to the floor, 4 fouls (3 of them reaching), and 1 basket.

Tacey had a difficult game. The team was a little sluggish to start. Tacey was playing well, but the elbow/finger in her eye slowed her down a bit. When she could see again (meaning when her contact floated back to the FRONT of her eye from the BACK where it had been pushed to!), she went out and played some more.

This is the 'I know I forced her to lose the ball and it went out, but I wasn't the last one to touch it' arms. Unfortunately, he play time didn't last until the end of the game. She went to steal the ball and ended up in a basketball sandwich. The sandwich went floor, ball, Tacey, Fat Girl, Normal Girl. In the mix her knee was trapped between the ball and the fat girl's knee and her foot got twisted by the skinny girl.

I was concerned it might be a meniscus, or worse, her ACL. I think it is just a bruise/sprain. She has gotten completely off of it, and 'enjoyed' crutches at church. She is trying to be smart about what she does with it, but all indications are she will be dancing at the competition THIS Saturday. That will be a good thing.
There was no Dallin game, and Valentines Day was pretty laid back. All-in-all, it was a good 2 weeks!