Monday, April 28, 2008

You know you live in Idaho when......

. . . . . . . . A CHICKEN MOVES INTO YOUR GARAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there has been a chicken wandering around the neighborhood for a few days. (Weird, I know. The only thing I can see that it is good for is stopping traffic.) This has prompted several chicken crossing the road comments, etc. from the kids. Well the dog, Koda, occasionally gets into scuffles with neighborhood cats that wander into the yard so when I hear weird noises, I usually just listen for dog yelps so I can go rescue him if necessary. Today he went outside and I heard the scuffle noises and realized that they were CHICKEN noises! The kids ran, and I crutched outside and Koda had the chicken trapped under the wagon. We grabbed the dog, so they didn't hurt each other and put him in the house. McCade followed the dogs path into the hot tub room and came out saying there was a nest in there. There is a total of 5 eggs out there! So, it appears that the chicken has moved in! I worry that there are eggs other places in the garage as well......
This is the chicken running around the backyard. She jumped over the back fence quite easily, so she can come and go at will; she is not trapped.

If I get to talk to the chicken, I will try not to ruffle her feathers and ask her why she crossed the road! (HA! HA!) I try to be funny!


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lots of events!

Lets see....
Last week, on Wednesday the 16th the boys and Shane had the Pinewood Derby. Dallin's car was super-fast, and only lost to one other car. That car had racing wheels that they had bought, not the wheels that came in the original kit. (We stayed with the kit) He raced that car 5 times, and won 2 of those races. We are calling it a tie. McCade's car also beat everyone but the embellished car; and did also beat Dallin's once, even though Dallin's beat his several other times. So, it what is the best possible outcome; EVERYONE THINKS THEY WON! (gotta love that, dontcha!)
Dallin winning a race!

McCade winning a race!

(Special thanks to Tacey the camera operator!)

Dallin earned his segment for attending pack meeting last month, his first gold arrow for his bear, the belt loop and pin for mathmatics and music, as well as the pins for computers and basketball. McCade is still working on the wolf, but we are making good progress. He also earned the segment for last month, belt loops and pins for basketball, marbles, computers, music and mathmatics.
The next day, I went for my post-operative checkup. I got my splint off, and was given my choice of not-very-subtle cast colors. I asked if they had anything flesh-toned! I was given the choices of Black, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green and Glow-in-the-Dark. I truly thought about Glow-in-the-Dark, but given that I am still doing Pippin, I thought it just might interfear with the blackouts between scenes. I called Shane for his opinion, and ended up with this bright yet fun shade of pink! It totally matches my Pippin mandated bright pink toenails. I also got a look at my incision. I put my phone next to it when I took the picture so you could get an idea of how big my scar will be. My foot is still all swollen; I look like I have gout! The doctor made me flex my foot while he put on the hard cast. It was really tough work; I think I may possibly have a longer road to recovery than I originally thought. Go Physical Therapy!

Dance recital is tonight, but I went to the rehearsal last night. (I have a performance of Pippin tonight, so I won't be there for the actual recital) The kids have all improved so much! I LOVE that Tacey is dancing with the High School kids, even though she is only in 6th grade. She definately belongs in the more advanced classes. Dallin and McCade are in a class by themselves because they are the only boys their age that dance. They do a very good job. I figure if you can get two boys alone, dancing on stage AND they know the dance that is FABULOUS!

That is it for now!

Love to you all!


By the way - it is snowing AGAIN!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pippin Pictures

This is my vintage wheelchair for Pippin. The thing IS NOT east to steer! It also doesn't roll very easily. BUT, I can manage a little and I have a nice crew that runs me around from entrance to entrance. I will get some shots of scenes and post those at another time. Don't you love that costume? I look like a weird combination of a hippy/disco/Joan Collins in Dynasty! Anyway. . . I stretched the limits of my creativity and managed to re-choroegraph my song with the other actor on stage. I can now add wheelchairographer to my resume'!

Seriously though, don't I look like an 80's Music video?


Monday, April 14, 2008

I am SO tired of sitting!

Okay, I started attending parts of rehearsals, and I am comfortable with all the changes. Here are pictures of the permanent marker they used to write the word 'yes' on my leg before surgery. I can't wash there because it is in the cast! I am hoping maybe I can scrub it off when I go for my post-op checkup on thursday. I also decorated my toes since they were driving me nuts. They are always in my periferal vision! No one had time to do it for me, so my yoga came in handy when I did my toes. I can't really bend my leg very far, so it took some pretzeling of my body to make it work. I still haven't had the stamina or energy to find some flats I like well enough to wear, but won't be sad that only one shoe is worn out. Right now I am using my crocs and a set of tennis shoes. Well, not a set, just half of them; the right half. Anyway, I am trying to be back at school this week. They are going to make me pay for a disabled parking pass. That doesn't seem fair, does it?
On the upside! it is going to be 70 degrees today!
Happy Spring!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Okay, so I feel pretty darn good today, especially since I was for the most part up yesterday. My leg doesn't hurt nearly as bad as my hands do from the crutches! I asked Shane how long the pain in my hands would last. He said until about 2 weeks after I lose the crutches. So OKAY... I also had some of the cotton of the soft cast begin fraying today, so I kinda tucked it in. As I did this, I could see they had not washed the big 'yes' they had written on my leg before surgery! Now, I am glad they wrote it, I didn't want they opening the wrong ankle, but now I have an 'es' sticking out of my cast. Too funny. McCade finds the entire thing very funny. Well, they cancelled my class today, so I get to not feel bad about resting, which is good. There is always homework...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More post-surgery

Well, I have learned that the lack of pain yesterday was due to the friendly ice pack I had my foot! I guess I cannot discern between lack of pain, and frozen numbness. I thought my foot was going to EXPLODE out of my cast last night about 9:00. So, I am GRATEFUL for pain medication and did sleep well, and now am continuing my love affair with my friend the ice pack.
I hope that all will go well trying to make it through the funeral tomorrow! I think I will stock up on ice packs before I go....
My chin is still up! My leg will heal! (PUN INTENDED!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oh what a day! (Friday April 4, 2008)

Okay, so the day started with me presenting the introduction of my thesis at the Intermountain Graduate Conference at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. I took the long way there, but still arrived there when I had planned, I just got a scenic view of the Utah marshes and LOTS of baby geese and ducks! The conference is a joint effort of Utah State and Idaho State Universities English departments, so there are alot of english papers presented, however they do invite papers from all aspects of the humanities; theatre included. Therefore, I got to submit and was accepted. I had some good questions asked at the end of the panel, and it helped me see a few areas I could clarify, and restructure my introduction that sets the tone for the rest of the paper.
On the way back, I got the sad call that Grandpa Warner (who Dallin shares his birthday with) had just passed away. Grandma Warner died the end of December after a long hard battle with Colin Cancer, but Grandpa seemed to be doing well with the emotional ramifications and was physically fine as far as anyone knows. I think he was just called home to be with his sweetheart. We will miss him, he is a good man.
(These pictures are from my wedding, I would like to say they aren't that old, but as Tacey is 12, that story doesn't hold water)
Tacey and McCade were sad, but Dallin made us cry when he said with tears in his eyes "I am sad because he shared my birthday."
Then, I returned to Pocatello to rehearsal for Pippin. I was having a GREAT rehearsal. I was finding all these character choices that were cool, I was really selling it, and basically enjoying the creative process I love so much. Well, as I was doing my dance solo I did a sasche'-step-leap which I have done about 5 million times in my life and I felt like someone hit me in the back of my heel with a board. I fell, asked the director "What was that?", he replied "What do you mean?" I said "I felt like someone just hit me in the back of the leg with a board!" He said, "Well, no one was up there with you." It then hit me that I was in big trouble. He asked if I was okay, I said no, that I was pretty sure I had just snapped my achilles tendon and needed an ice pack, my phone and a ride to the hospital. (Thank goodness Portneuf Medical Center is on campus and only 1 1/2 minutes away!) I called Shane and all the tests at the ER pointed to an achilles tendon rupture, as I had suspected. I went home on pain medications and crutches and had to wait the weekend before I could find an orthopedic surgeon to see.
Well, although we are VERY sad that Shane's brother Tate has had 3 knee surgeries in the last year, we were glad he had a close, personal relationship with a very good orthopedic surgeon! He called the illustrious Dr. Casey Huntsman at home, and worked the phones Monday morning. (For which we are truly GRATEFUL!) I was in the doctor's office by 10:30. He looked at me, said we could get an MRI, but really it would just prove what we already knew. We opted not to waste the time and money. I explained my situation with grad school, the play etc. He normally does surgeries on Wednesday and Friday, but volunteered to pull some strings, and since I had only eaten a small bowl of cereal several hours before he said "Don't eat anymore!" And I went into surgery a little after 5:00 that night. When he got done, he told Shane that my achilles tendon was 'shredded' and there was nothing left but a few random threads. He also said that because I never walked on it after I fell, and had it immobilized so quickly, that I had avoided damage in the surounding tendions and ligaments in the ankle. I guess that is unusual. (But then . . . so am I!) I am now in a soft cast, with my leg up, thinking that when Mom gets back from helping with funeral plans tonight that she needs to paint my toes, and Laura needs to come paint flowers on them! I also have come to realize that since I am so short, I own no flat shoes, and now I have to get a pair of flat shoes, that I won't care that only the right one is worn out! BUT, since that is my biggest worry, I am VERY, VERY lucky and blessed. The doctor says I won't leap quite so high, I won't stretch quite so far in yoga, but I will have full use of my foot and I will be able to do all of those things again. I am currently proving myself even more miraculous because I have little bit of tension in my leg, but really no pain. I don't even need a tylenol! I am a little shaky and groggy today, but I think that is to be expected after anesthesia. All in all, some horrible events with the best possible outcomes...
This is what I get to look at right now. See what I mean about my toes? Eight weeks on crutches is going to give me a long time to look at them, I'm thinking they should be pretty.
Well, in what proves that I am EITHER incredibly talented or the ISU Theatre/Music Departments are truly desperate, they have reblocked Pippin so that I can still do my role! They were adamant that they did not want to do the production without me. So, they will have me enter and exit in blackouts so I can hide my crutches, OR since I am the EVIL QUEEN they will have the men carry me around. My dance solo is obviously not going to happen, but hey, if that is it; LIFE IS GOOD!
Tacey is happy to step up to the plate and help most of the time, since I am really limited for the next 8 weeks at least. Dallin is really sweet; he brought me his Rubix cube so I would have something to do while I was stuck sitting all day. I also found jellybeans on my arms when I woke up from a nap; a little love token from my Dallin. McCade didn't look or talk to me for the first 1 1/2 days. It really bothered him to see me hurt. When Shane carried me in from the Hospital, his little eyes were big as dinner plates and full of fear. I am glad I was home before they went to bed, so he could see that I was okay, and I could hug him for a bit. I think he is doing better.
Shane is being an AMAZING husband, thinking up and hunting down all sorts of random things to make my life easier while I get better. He also has to keep the house going with extra people here for the funeral. We have also had lots of friends and family volunteer to help with everything going on; we are thankful for everyone's well wishes and support.
Hopefully we won't have another blog eventful in this way for a LONG time!
Lots of love and gratitude!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tacey update!

You know when you were a pre-teen and your Mom would do something so horrifically embarassing that you wanted to die? Well, here I go doing the same thing to my kids! This is Tacey getting her bottom braces today. They gently sandblast your teeth to put the brackets on, so they put a surgical mask on her upside down so that the sand wouldn't get in her eyes and nose. She totally doesn't know I took this picture!

Ha ha!