Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Whole Lot To Post

You know, when you get a new camera, and you go on a vacation, and you don't have a lot of time to post, you end up with EXTREMELY LONG posts to catch up. Honestly, I have taken over 500 pictures in the last 2 weeks! Before I take another 500, I think I should quickly update all of you!
Tacey had a stressful situation the last week of school. . . well, actually the last week she went to school before Christmas (but that is another story. . . ). Her Choir teacher had a feeling her daughter would have a baby during the Christmas Concert (which would be the MOST inconvenient time, so OF COURSE that is when it would happen!), so she asked Tacey to lead the choir. I have to say, that although directing isn't the most difficult thing in the world, being in charge of your peers is VERY difficult - especially at the age of 14. She ALSO had a solo. She did a very good job. I was super-proud!

This is Tacey and Lincoln - the very talented young man who accompanies the choir!

The concert was on Wednesday Night and we left as directly after school on Friday as possible with three kids and a dog. We met up with Jilana in Utah and traveled to Rees' 'vacation' home for the night. It was super nice, super comfy, super quiet and super cheap! All things we appreciate.

However, the view from the upstairs to the downstairs seemed a bit scary!

(Not really. . . . )

We all know the best part of family gatherings is playing with the cousins. . .

And Haley seems to be everyone's favorite this year!

They also helped Grandma and Grandpa deal with the devastating winter weather in Southern California!

Christmas lights are a TOTALLY different thing in California - and the lights at the temple are exceptional. It takes a certain amount of finesse to light palm trees.

Cousins together!

Christmas lit temple!

New camera + Lots of Christmas Lights + Lots of Pictures!

Also in Penasquitos there is a neat-o thing called Christmas Card Lane. It started back in the day I lived here and has progressively larger over the years.

This is one family that re-enacted the famous movie "A Christmas Story".

It was a big group of us that went through the several blocks of amazingly decorated homes. Here is everyone posing with Frosty.

See, the unofficial, official sign for Christmas Card Lane. (hahaha)
There are also places to do fun & silly things. This is Tacey as an Elf

And Dallin as an Elf

And McCade as an Elf.

And THIS is McCade's FAVORITE Christmas Card, any guesses why?

This was Shane's Favorite

As there are WAY too many people staying at my Mom's house, Shane and I secured optional lodging. It has an amazing view of the skyline. that is the Coronado Bridge in the background.

Christmas morning, there is the annual 'coming down the stairs' picture.

Koda joined, which makes sense because he IS one of the family!

Walking down the stairs!

There were lots of presents to open!

Then we went to my Grandma's house; this is too, too many cooks in the kitchen. I guess everyone was very hungry.

Dad and JoAnne

My Super Beautiful Grandma

Then on the next day, we broke with tradition and went to the Zoo instead of the Beach. We went with my Dad.


This is a new Baby Giraffe that is less that 3 weeks old.

And of course we always take pictures of Meerkats. . .

And we actually got to see a Koala do something OTHER than sleep and Eat.
On the schedule to come; more Zoo and Disneyland, and general fun'ness'. Do you think anyone would miss us if we stayed longer???

Sunday, December 13, 2009

All about Tacey. . .

I guess it seems like this blog has been all about Tacey recently, but she has been doing a lot. Not that Dallin and McCade haven't - it's just that if I took pictures of tap class and gymnastics class, and scouts you would all be amazingly bored.

This week marked the end of Tacey's Junior High Basketball Career. They had games on Tuesday and Thursday, and won them both. These wins put them into third place in their district.

Those are some mad layup skills.
Then on Friday night she danced at the half time of the High School Girls Basketball game against Firth. (Shelley won. woot! woot!)

Then Saturday we all drove through an amazing blizzard to St. Anthony to watch Tacey play Basketball in the district tournament. They had a slow start and lost the first game even though they played an amazing second half. This took them out of the championship, but left them a game to play for third. In THIS game they kicked BUTT!!
This is Tacey in the second half of the first game. No one gets by her if she is in the mood to steal the ball. Can you see that she is COMPLETELY off of the ground? It makes her very tall. . .

We are going to frame this picture that I edited and give it to her Basketball coach. Girl's basketball can be VERY vicious, and it is always good to have a secret weapon. See her hair BLINDING the player from the other team?
In the end they were a good team. They played hard, they played fair, and they all left as friends.
They were pretty proud of their Third place medals.

And there you go -
First row - (Left to right) Laura, Tacey, Katelyn, Indi, Mikayla and Brittany (manager)
Back Row - (Left to Right) Taylor, Heidi (manager), Ashlyn, Emily, Kytanna, Ashtyn, Abbey and Mrs. Barker (coach)
Merry Almost Christmas

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Week that was . . .

In traditional style, we had a week of 'busy-ness'. Tuesday Tacey had a basketball game - and she did AWESOME! Her team did lose, but they only lost by 6 points. It was a good game and a repectable loss. I had previously emailed my Uncle Danny and let him know when Tacey had games, and he surprised us and showed up! It was a very nice thing for him to do - I really appreciated it.

Shooting and MAKING a foul shot. Then she made another. . . And ANOTHER!!!! I am really glad she is starting to learn to jump when she shoots.
Wednesday night Dallin had his first basketball practice, and McCade has his on Monday, so we will soon be posting a ton of pictures of nothing but kids chasing basketballs again! Friday night I was in charge of a party at church. This is where I normally get my Santa pictures!

McCade and the Man in Red!

Dallin & Santa!
I didn't get picture of Tacey on Santa's Lap this year. I was sad. She and her Dad 'disappeared' from the party watch a Basketball game (with permission). I will have to figure out how to get my picture some other way. . .
* In Shane and Tacey's defense, it was a really big game - Shelley against their rivals; Firth. Shane is a Firth alumni, and his company just did a major overhaul on the gym floor, and he did end up sitting and watching the game with all the guys he played Basketball with in High School. It was a good thing he went!*
Saturday night Tacey danced at the half of several basketball games at the High School. One of the Moms on the Basketball team asked me "Is there ANYTHING she can't do?" Nice compliment, huh? I would have posted the entire number, but it is too big for the blog. These pictures will have to do.

See how nice I am? I put her name underneath her so you can see which ine she is. They do a decent job of looking all the same - as they are a team and all. . . but then you REALLY have to know who you are looking for!

I am hoping to get the Christmas Tree up early this week - pray it will happen!