Monday, January 28, 2008

Funny Pictures I found today...

Okay, this is just funny. I was looking through pictures with Tacey for one of her school projects and I came across these from our trip to Yellowstone in September of 2007. It was SO COLD that day! It actually snowed on us while we were in the park. Anyway, this is how Dallin and McCade were walking around the park. Isn't that funny?

Anyway, the point of the trip was to get THIS picture. (The one of the kids to the right.) We've taken the same picture at the same place on the same weekend for the last several years. This was before the snow...
This one becomes our Christmas Card. If you didn't get one, it is probably because I don't have your address. Maybe you should post me your information so I can get you one, huh? Hint...hint.....

Old Faithful is still cool when it is cold. And it REALLY easy to get a seat, no one is there!

Love to you all!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another Saturday of Basketball.....

Can I just say the 8:00 am on a Saturday morning isn't a great time for a basketball game? None the less, Dallin's enthusiasm doesn't dwindle at this early hour. He is slowly getting the intricacies of a zone defense figured out. He didn't make any actual baskets today, but he made one at the buzzer last week; we'll count it for both games. Tacey loves to go to Dallin's games. I am sure you are thinking; "What a great, supportive sister!". The truth is, if we get there early enough she gets to keep score. I think she likes a position of power...

Then at 11:00 McCade had his game. In his league the point is to actually shoot at the right basket and make one; they don't keep score. He did make 2 baskets though. He also make a couple of assists; it is good for him to kearn to PASS the ball! He got beat up a bit as the game resembled football a little more than basketball today. He had a really good time, and posed for his team picture. He also got to do the jump ball at he begining of the game. He caught his own tip. Weird, I know. I posted video of it at the very bottom....

At 2:00 we had Tacey's game. Shane and I are going to have to get a sedative perscription; her game are INTENSE! Those girls are rough; tackle basketball seems to be the trend. Anyway, they started the game with only 5 of their 8 team members; the coaches were even gone. They had all been viciously attacked by a flu bug. They did eventually have another player show up though. Tacey's team didn't get to rest (like the other team did), yet they still won 19-18. Tacey likes to freak the other team out. She actually dribbles as well with her left hand as her right. She acts like she is going right then flips hands and goes left. The final stats for Tacey were 4 baskets (8 points) and 3 assists (we think, we kinda lost count..)
Anyway, look at the only tip off caught by the player that did the tipping, and have a great day!

I know he goes out the door... he actually came back in dribbling and continued to play. Ah, the joys of a game with no rules.... (ha ha!)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well, as I have so much time, as a full time graduate student (ha, ha, ha; sometimes I am SO funny I just crack myself up!!!) I decided to put together this little website so you all can see the CRAZY lives of all us wackos! Just a quick update;

Shane is busy being the excellent provider he is. He has also been INVALUABLE to his wife as he really takes the initiative to be Mr. Mom while she is up to her ears in homework!

Danielle has in her last semester in graduate school. (She is very proud of her 4.0). She has just been cast in Pippin at ISU, and is teaching more than taking class this semester. It is great fun to give and grade tests after so many years of being on the opposite side!

Tacey has just been cast Amaryllis in The Music Man. On top of that, she is a busy middle-school 12 year old who has straight A's, takes piano lessons, four dance classes and is the main scorer for her undefeated basketball team!

Dallin seems to have found his groove in the 3rd grade. Everyone has finally figured out he is as brilliant as his parents always knew he was! His teacher is teaching him algebra (he says it is totally easy), and he is in the gifted-talented program where he gets to build cool things like catapults and robots with motors that really make them move. He goes to his mom-required dance class, and likes it. He also plays basketball; he runs really fast.

McCade has also been cast in The Music Man. He is currently toothless, which makes his lisp as Winthrop all the easier to accomplish. He is doing great in school, loves to dance and is quite the little scrapper when it comes to basketball. His most recent worry was that he was going to have to kiss his sister on stage in The Music Man. He was greatful that wasn't going to be required of him. He does however, want to dye his hair red for the part. Go figure?

Well, as cute pictures come up, or events merit watch this blog for more exciting family news!

Love to you all!